MASH Lite for iPod Touch

Didn’t you love playing MASH as a kid? Finding out who you were going to marry, how many kids you were going to have, and the answers to all those other life questions – lots of kids (girls especially, I’m guessing) stayed up in their bedrooms for hours, scribbling it all out on paper trying to figure it out. But now, you can have all the fun no matter what age you are and you don’t to write it all out long-hand anymore either! With the MASH Lite app for the iPod Touch, you’ll have all the answers, and in just a few seconds.

The interface for the app is really clever, and uses easy text boxes so you can enter your top three answers. Go through the game question by question, and spend some time daydreaming of what your life might be like. And if you’re particularly happy with results once you’re finished, you can email your life story to all of your friends!

This app is the Lite version, but the only difference is that you’ll get more questions with the paid versions, meaning that you’ll get your entire life story instead of just the basics. But the paid version does cost $1.99, which is a bit much for such a simple app, and many users in iTunes have also said that it’s not worth it because the free version is plenty enough. All users though, also agree that this is hands-down the best MASH app out there! Download it from iTunes here.

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