Tutti Fruity App for the iPod Touch

The Tutti Fruity app for the iPod Touch is a fun game that has a gameboard full of pieces of different kinds of fruit. You have to match three identical fruits by swapping their spot with a spot adjacent to them. But you can match more than three in a row if you want and if you do you’ll get more points! You can use those points to advance levels, where you’ll earn bragging rights and face gameboards that are even more challenging, and make you feel even better about beating your personal best!

The game really is that simple, although it comes with lots of features that are kinda cool too, such as the options to either play until you’re all out of moves, or play against the clock – a great way to put even more pressure on yourself and make it more challenging. You can also pause it in case you’re ever in the middle of a game and need to stop to answer your phone or catch your bus, and then just resume whenever you’re ready. There’s also some really cool sound effects that make the game even more fun. And there’s no limit to the number of levels that come with this game, so you can keep advancing and keep playing – with no end in sight.

The reviews in iTunes rave about this game, and it’s one that’s simple enough for the kids to play too. To start swapping fruits, in a game that’s just as fun as its name implies, download the Tutti Fruity app for the iPod Touch here.

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