Best IPad Apps For Toddlers

Best ipad apps for toddlers

Are you looking for best ipad apps for toddlers? Are toddlers could play ipad apps? Well, who says iPad is just for teenagers and adults? Of course not! Toddlers and kids can play ipad as well. I bet you are pretty surprised hearing that, right? Don’t worry, you are not alone. I was also surprised when I heard that.

Best iPad Apps for Toddlers

Well, in this best ipad toddler apps article, let me share some important ipad applications that will surely make your toddlers happy. Of course, as parents or older siblings, you need to make it sure that you are with the baby upon using the iPad. I don’t think babies can handle the tablet computer very well on their own. Toddlers are very clumsy in nature. They might eat your iPad if you are not careful. If they eat it, they might get sick because iPad is not clean. Likewise, don’t always expose the toddlers in using the iPad. Always have a moderate usage of your iPad because it might bring negative effects that cannot be managed by the young and developing body of the toddlers.

As promised, here are few of the best iPad toddler Apps.

best toddler apps for ipad 1: Kid Art For iPad

best ipad apps for toddlers

Kids love color. If they love color, they will also love drawings. Then, Kid Art for iPad will be a great application for toddlers. Kid Art for iPad is one of the top ipad apps for toddlers, it provides various kinds of digital drawing tools that will surely entice the eyes of every toddler. There are also a lot of themes to choose from. You may set the Kid Art for iPad app like you are painting or drawing under the ocean. If you like the school, you can also set it like your toddler is painting at school. If you think your toddler is very interested in drawing and art, Kid Art for iPad will be the best for him/her.

You can get Kid Art for iPad at the iTunes store for $1. I don’t think it’s going to be a pain in your budget.

Best ipad apps for toddlers 2: Letters A to Z

best ipad apps for toddlers_letters a to zNext up is Letters A to Z. If you want your toddler learn the ABC early, teach him or her using this one of best toddler apps for ipad, it called Letters A to Z. The earlier you teach your kid about ABC, the easier of him or her to learn different things as he or she grows up.

Allow your kids to interact with the ipad application. You don’t need to cards because it can be impractical to use it especially because kids usually swallow or eat what they have in hand. I am sure your kids will love how the developers integrate animation to each letter.

You can download Letters A to Z at the iTunes store for $1. Find it yourself.


Best ipad apps for toddlers 3: First Words: ANIMALS

best ipad apps for toddlers

Do you love to teach your kids about animals? You can do so by trying the iPad app First Word: ANIMALS. This another one in the list of best toddler apps for ipad is somewhat more advanced the letters A to Z because it involves a bit of vocabulary here. There are many cute animations integrated in First Word: Animals, which will be more fun to play at. Your kids will definitely learn a lot of animal names using it. There are also images and sounds provided so that your toddlers will have a better view on what animal is mentioned.

Download First Words: ANIMALS for $1.99 at iTunes store now!

Those are only 3 best toddler apps for ipad from hundred to thousand paid and free apps for ipad available in iTunes apps store. Please kindly share with us here if you have your own list of best ipad toddlers apps.

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