Boy Loves Girl iPhone App Review

‘Boy Loves Girl’ iphone app is a cute challenge full of love and it’s available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod and in the AppStore now! The aim of the game is to help Boy love the girl of his dreams but it doesn’t prove to be an easy task! After completing the first task, namely chasing the girl through the hills and declaring his love, Boy discovers that she loves gazelles and so makes it his mission to collect gazelles to win her love. But, her wants and desires do not end there!

boy loves girl

As the Boy Loves Girl game unfolds Boy must work hard to gain lots of gifts for the girl he loves which doesn’t prove to be a walk in the park…

Not only does Boy face the mission most men still haven’t figured out: satisfying the girl he loves, but every level comprises additional challenges whilst the pesky clouds do their best to get in his way!

boy loves girl app

Boy Loves Girl App – Game Trailer (Available on iPhone iPod and iPad)

There are many different clouds in the Boy Loves Girl app, including Sleepy, watch out for his Zzzzzzzs they’ll get you, and Thunder, who will strike you with his bolt of lightning if you don’t know how to handle him! As you move through the levels you soon discover ways in which to dodge and defeat the deadly clouds but the challenges become more and more difficult so lots of swipes, taps and touches are needed to get through!

boy loves girl game

Each level in Boy Loves Girl game app brings colourful characters and delightful terrain; there are lots of hidden bonuses and hours of fun jam-packed in this beautiful little game! At times it can be extremely tricky and it certainly has those frustrating: ‘I’m going to complete it this time’ levels, which give you a real sense of achievement when completed! This game has undoubtedly been made with lots of love and appeals to all players: young and old, loved and unloved, animal lovers and travellers alike.

‘Boy Loves Girl’ certainly has the magic touch that has sprinkled the
App Store with a true game of love! You will not be disappointed but
taken on a journey of love, enjoy!

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