A Scary Prank for the iPod Touch

This is not only a great app for Halloween, it’s a great app for whenever you want to get a good laugh! All you need is your iPod Touch, a friend that’s never seen the app before, and the Scary Prank app for the iPod Touch.

The app masks itself as a game, but it’s really just a prank you can play on your friends. And the app lives up to its name, it’s a scary prank at that! Open the app and tell whichever friend you want to laugh at the expense of, that it’s this really awesome game that you just downloaded. Hand over your iPod Touch and let your friend start playing. The game acts like an idiot test, so they’ll just start answering questions and becoming more involved in the game (and maybe wondering why you think this is the best app ever.) Then, when they’re in the middle of the game and least expecting it, a scary monster will jump out of the screen at them – complete with screams and scary monster sounds too. What happens then? Your friend will scream too, and you’ll be rolling in the aisles laughing!

There really is nothing else you need to say about this app. It doesn’t even need any features because your friends screams and laughter will be different every time! Best of all, the app is free and you can download it here.

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