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FREE GAMES FOR IPOD TOUCH – There are so many cool paid iPod touch or iPhone games in the iTunes apps store. Sometimes the apps developers decide to drop the apps’ prices or make them free for a limited time.

Do you want to download free games for iPod touch and you don’t know where to find them on the net? Are you not sure what you will need to start playing games in the palm of your hand? Here is a quick tutorial to show you everything you will have to cope with to get free iPod touch games or free iPod touch apps:

  • The first thing of great importance is your computer. It should be fairly modern. The biggest factor is your Internet connection speed. The quicker the connection, the easier the downloading of the iPod touch games. If you are still using dial-up, it will take forever to download the games.
  • Enough space for the free apps and games files for the iPod touch. Check your computer and your iPod’s hard drive. After you have downloaded free games for iPod touch, you can leave them on your computer’s hard drive. Later, depending on your mood to play, you can easily swap them out of your iPod. This will save space on your iPod for other files.
  • You will need a connection cable to go between the iPod and your computer to transfer iPod touch free games files when downloading free iPod touch games.

Where to Find and Download Free games for iPod Touch?

The hardest part is finding iPod games on the Internet to download, especially free games version. If you search on the Internet for sites where you can download the games, your search may lead you nowhere. Anyway, there are good sites to get free iPod apps and download games for iPod touch.

The iTunes apps store is the valid site from where you can download thousands of apps, games, songs, and iTunes TV shows. To download any apps and games there, you need to have an iTunes account. You need to have a credit card to register in the iTunes apps store before you can buy paid apps or download free apps for iPhone, iPod touch, or your iPad. But we have other ways to get an iTunes account without a credit card. Just follow the next link to know how to get a free iTunes account without a credit card, and you can start downloading thousands of free iPod apps and games in the store.

After you have an iTunes account, then you can browse more than 500,000 apps and games for iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad, both paid and free ones. Just browse the free ones if you do not want to pay a dime.

Start Browsing free ipod touch games by visiting iTunes Apps Store Here.

free games for ipod touch

Top 10 Free iPod Touch Apps (All Genre)


Top 10 Free iPod Games (Games Only)


New Release of iPod Touch Games Free


The new membership site is one of the places you should consider for getting free apps for iPod touch or download free iPod games besides the main source, iTunes apps store above. There, you should pay a one-time fee for unlimited downloads of free games for your iPod touch, free apps for the iPod touch, and other files, including free music for iPod touch. It doesn’t have to be only iPod touch games. It can be anything iPod-related. For about 50 dollars, you get thousands of iPod touch free games and free apps for iPod touch files to download, and you can get your money’s worth in no time. The best thing is, that those sites are safe, secure, and of course, legal.

When trying to get good games, places you should not consider are p2p sites. Actually, they were all the rage several years ago, and many people have used them illegally to reap iTunes and grab free apps for iPod touch illegally. Companies are prosecuting hundreds of illegal users nowadays. Downloading iPod touch games for free this way isn’t worth the hassle of paying huge fines. What is more, you could end up downloading any type of malware or viruses to mess up your computer or iPod.

If you have another great source to get free games for iPod touch in a legal way, then please share with us here.

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  1. Many thanks for the great list of free games for ipod touch here. My favorite ipod touch games are:
    1. Angry Birds
    2. Dead Space – EA Mobile
    3. StarFront: Collision – Gameloft
    4. Anomaly: Warzone Earth – 11 bit Studios
    5. Chaos Rings 2 – Media.Vision/Square Enix
    6. Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP – Capybara Games
    7. Xenome, Episode 2 – Nine Pound Studios
    8. Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions – Square Enix
    9. The Shadow Sun – Ossian
    10. Jet Car Stunts 2 -True Axis

    There are too many great and free ipod touch games in apps store, so it’s quite hard to find which match to our needs.

    1. Hi James, just use the updated list for free ipod touch games in the post above. The free games for itouch list above is fresh, so it would be changed in daily or weekly basis.

  2. hey you can download free movies and apps to jailbroken iphones on thepiratebay, you just have to install a program like bitlord or utorrent to get the files.
    (on thepiratebay there is a small link under the big “download now” button, its named download torrent and its that button you may click on, the other one is a advertisement.

    sorry for my bad english

    i hope you can use this.

  3. IVONE DO YOU HAVE 1.1.5 8g ? If so you can upgrade you ipod to 3.1.3 then you can download apps and stuff if it still dont works try ask som1 to jailbreak it…

  4. can i downlowd anything from app store in my ipod touch in iran?i live i can get the appalication?

  5. I just bought d new iPod touch but I can’t conclude my apple registration to be able to buy apps from the apple store because my country is not listed. I currently live in Nigeria. Pls what can I do, I need to be able to install applications on the iPod. Someone pls help. Thanks

  6. To jailbreak an ipod go to: to find out how go to google
    Download the type depending on your type of computer
    Plug in your ipod
    click jailbreak
    wait a minute
    it will restart with swirly colors.


  8. To all of you who are having problems syncing your iPods to iTunes and do not have/want to enter a credit card number, here is how you can bypass that:
    1.)Drive down to your local Wal-Mart
    2.)Go up to one of the cash registers and ask the cashier for a $15 iTunes gift card
    3.)Purchase the gift card (it will be $15 plus tax)
    4.)Go home and scratch off the grey area on the BACK of the gift card
    5.)Open iTunes up on your computer, plug in your iPod, and begin the registering process
    6.)After you have entered in all your info, look on that SAME page for for a box labeled as “redeem” or something that has to do with a gift card.
    7.)Type in the code on the back of your gift card into that area and you now have an iTunes account with $15 that you can use to buy some music or apps!
    No need for credit card!!

  9. hey guys did you’rel find out how to get an itunes account without credit card info ? if you didn’t then let me know. i will explain .

  10. Same thing is happenin to meh sO. Asked my mom for her credit card info and she said no so I’m kinda screwed


  12. My fav FREE games would hav to be
    Jelly car
    cupcake maker
    santa smash
    beard maker (ROCKZ!)
    These games rock and i love them beard maker is the best you need an LOL? Try this!
    -STAR <3 🙂

  13. I have a ipad touch pad, however i’m trying to download movies and games. But i’m having so much problem, is there anywhere that any one can help me download free games and movies as well as some other sites that i can look up!!

  14. I tryed to dawnload some games on my iPod but I am having som probles I was just wondering if you could help me! I will really like it if you help me out!

  15. hi….beji……got new ipod touch straight out the box its been updated to the latest firmware…..and i thought i’d give your tip a try…….tried the security code tip……..but doesn’t want to work for me……after saying wait 1 minute…..then entering code wrong it says wait 5mins…then after entering wrong code again , it say’s wait 15 mins…… there a set amount of times you have to do this or will i end up eventually locking the ipod permanently?

  16. To “nooble head” I could need some help too. But i dont got any square that says “APP’S”.
    I got “APP Store”

  17. hi i have an ipod touch and my work friends ( i work as a computer game designer ) eg. ipod apps
    told me how to jail break ur ipod without any hastle soo if u wanna know here ……..

    first put on a security code on an ipod with this code 5674
    then then wen it asks to get on type in a wrong code 3 times until it says wait for 1 min keep doing typing it in wrong
    until it says jailbreak ipod click continue and follow the instructions
    this is top secret so dont tell to many people !!!!!!!!!!!!
    if u have any problems which u wont juust contact me on : email – ipooshoes@hotmail .com

  18. this is to “serdar says” i have an ipod touch and wat u do is find the square that says “APP’S” and click on that

  19. Hi I just got a new iPod and I don’t know how to download games, do any of you know how to?

  20. I just got an iPod for my b day. And I would like to know about more free apps

  21. Hi! I am new to this site and just got an Ipod Touch. Do you have any Bleach games for it? As in the Anime show Bleach?

  22. I’ve found that there are a lot of really bad ipod games that people are charging like 2 and 3 bucks for. Games that should totally be free. Thanks for the list of games, I’m going to add a few to my ipod right now. Cheers.

  23. i have a ipod apple and down loaded games all working good
    then the next day after charging most of them dont work
    i down loaded at my friends house as i have a laptop key for my computer
    its not wi-fi
    when i try to connect it tells me it can not
    please please helpmy thanks

  24. Steve Job’s stellar iPad will rapidly evolve after the push time during it’s launch. The A4 chip and Mac’s potential to fix some problems will begin to make the iTablet a success story in time.

  25. If free apps are availible, why is the Apps store asking me for my creditcard number and they are for free. Why do I have to buy them if they are for free. That just doenst make any sense.

  26. I hate the fact that apple makes us have to give our bank account info just to create an AppStore account even when I’m not going to be paying for any apps. This sucks.

  27. ok i just got my itouch and everytime i try to open a game it just goes back to the main menu…….wat do i do? help me please

  28. why won’t my iPod touch install certain apps that I know they can install be cause my friends heave them like myspace mobile and stuff like that? It just seems like my iPod won’t install the cool apps 🙁

  29. MIa, it seems we got the same problem….if you still have the difficulties you should try restoring from your backup in itunes.if that doesn’t work you got to restore back to factory settings….its a virus problem, mine (3G 8gb) got corrupted this week and this is how i solved it….

  30. hey ok its like one week till my bday and im getting an itouch – spent all my money- till i earn more where can i get free games and apps for the itouch???????

  31. hey all, im turning 15 in like 9 days i think and im getting an ipod touch 8gig 2nd generation, it is at my house now and im so tempted to open it but i cant, i dont why im saying this but i was reading all of the other comments and i just thourght to write one my self, so cant wait 4 ma birthday. cya all. .JOSH.

  32. Wow!This is good as I am also a Apple ipod user and i love it. You have given a fabulous idea for iTouch Application.

  33. I have an Ipod touch and i love it!! I let my boy friend use it a lot but he wont get his own (im a girl). I am constantly on it and i just adore it.

  34. Hey everyone. This seemed like a good place to announce this, since you all seem to like free stuff and games 🙂

    Anyways, I run a site that some of you may know as iRom Repo. For those of you who don’t know, iRom Repo is a cydia repo that has 750+ roms (for GBA, SNES, Genesis, and Gameboy/Gameboy Color). All of the roms are comepletely free, and roms are added all the time. If you have a jailbroken iPhone/iPod Touch, this Repo is something that will keep you busy for quite a while. It’s great for long trips, boring classes, or if you need something to pass the time.

    If your interested, head over to and add iromrepo to your cydia sources. The site also has PSX and NES roms. more info on the site.

  35. Kevin sorry mate but anyone having trouble setting up the wifi on there ipod should probably hand it back and beg for a refund. Turn wifi on and when there is a wifi signal it tells you and says he kev, wanna join the wifi you click yes or no… take it back mate, your to stupid to have it..

  36. what is the name of a game for the ipodtouch that is like dance dance revolution but with fingers, that are some circles and whent it passes you have to touch it?

  37. I purchased an application that is compatible with the I touch and the Iphone but when I try to sync. my itouch it says I need IPhone OS what do I do ?

  38. Ok just so you know, if you have an Ipod Touch 2nd Gen and upgraded to 3.0, NES 2.3.4. will no longer work. The diks now make it so you have to pay for their upgraded version of the NES emulator. I’m all for showing my support but after dropping over $500 into buying the Ipod Touch, accessories and the 3.0 upgrade, I really don’t feel like having to pay for something that worked before I upgraded. I think I’ll just revert. I don’t need the stoopid tilt keyboard anyway!

  39. why i can’t open my games in my ipod touch? everytime i touch the icons it return to the main screen.. wat must i do? pls help me..

  40. i try to charge it it doesn’t charge. i try to turn it on it doesn’t. i hook it up to the computer still doesn’t work. and doesnt recognize it. some one help!!

  41. IPOD 32GIG – wow, I only have 8GIG and don’t come close to filling it up. I paid $300 Australian, about half a weeks wages for the average worker. I used to use a Palm PDA but it has failed after five years of hard work. I love the WI-FI in the IPOD but the instructions were a pain as they are not very clear. It took a lot of pain to get the thing working on my wireless network. I’m not a computer person, I train circus worms for a living. Have you ever seen a worm jump through a hoop?

  42. I have a IPOD 32GIG Itouch.. love it!! Unless it breaks or something like that, will not buy another IPOD!!!!!!

  43. i love this web and i hope to get a ipod touch all my friends have a itouch but my dad he don’t have a money sow please can you give me a itouch

  44. For those who havent already figured it out :
    to download games that arent from itunes. download them onto your computer into a file then go to the FILE option on the toolbar then scroll down to where it says add files two new options should pop up and you could choose either one but if you add the entire folder it would be easier then just sync. your ipod once youve checked that those folders are there in your apps collection and thats all there is to it

    note: some computers will display this info differently so if my guidlines arent exact on your computer just choose the options that seem alike and if they still dont work then i guess your screwed

  45. hey guys help me plz…i cant fully use my wifi…theres a signal and everything but still i cant really connect in the internet and go searching, chatting and streaming plz help guyz…tnx

  46. does any1 here know how to get free films for the ipod touch / iphone coz i’ve only got 1 and i wanna have some more. Is it actually possible to get free films without doing something illegal?

  47. Hi. Im amanda and im having trouble setting up my email on the 8gb ipod touch. i tried, but it wont send, and i can’t recieve HELP!!! =D

  48. #James. yes if you want to get Free iPhone Games from iTunes Store, you need to Download the latest iTunes on your PC.

  49. Guys can u help me .. I dont wanna download the new version of itunes but even everytime i do try it says : not valid so im like wtf. And if i wanna download games do i have to download itunes too? .. Please help me guys.

  50. I want to get apps and games for my ipod touch 8gbs for free please help me get them thanks

  51. All I want to know is how to get apps without using anything from the app store and using a computer. My computer is broken and I want to download something from the Internet.

  52. Okay, for those having trouble with putting games on your iPods that have already downloaded them to iTunes, When you plug your iPod in, Click on the iPod on the left of the sreen. A new screen should then pop up w/ a picture of your iPod. There will be tabs at the top of the page. Click “Applications”. Then check mark the ones that you want to download. Then click “Apply”. Your computer should then start syncing the apps that you have selected to your iPod.

    Those of you who are trying to get apps from the internet… idk how to do that. I just use the iTunes store. A lot of the apps and games are free so idk why you would need to get on the internet to download some. I can understand looking up new and fun apps, i personally do it myself, but i don’t think that you can download them from the internet. But then again, i have never tried. so forgive me if i’m wrong.

    But that should help some, if not all, of you out.

    Have a nice day!

  53. ok everyone wants to know how to download stuff i dont know ethier but im getting my ipod touch 8gb in 7 days that will be the 23/12/09 thats when i get so i just wanna know but ill goto a different website

  54. I want to get free application, and some games for my ipod touch 8 GB
    Please guide me…please

  55. to TAHA all you have to do is when your on Itunes you just uncheck the songs you dont want and then plug your ipod in and click on your software and then press SYNC at the bottom right of the itunes page.

  56. oh, and one more thing. my ipod touch. when i plug it in, it is flashing a silver apple >:(. what do i do t o make it stop doing that? please someone reply 🙁

  57. I have a question regarding the inscription that i had to go trew go get access to thé games ipod tried to download a few games but it still aint’t working…. Could someone help me??? Thank toi

  58. sir i would like you to inform that i want to buy an apple iphone but in dehradun,india there is no apple store in dehradun. i would be very happy if you could have a check. thanks

  59. Go on for thousands of free games for your iPod.

    Note: you must go on this site via iPod ( WiFi) to download. And your iPod must be jailbroken, this is very simple and it is all free, just type “how to jailbreak iPod touch” which is pretty simple

  60. omg!! i want to download games but i don’t know how so please somebody canm explain how? ok now i tried to downl;oad but it is wrote : loading…. 🙁 and nmothing else so lplease the persons who know explain ,to us!!

  61. If you need more applications, you will see that the iPod Touch will have quite a lot of downloading applications that can make your iPod Touch more powerful and do more things for you. so, why not Integrate some games in your iPod Touch? this is the site where you can find some…….

  62. so i downloaded an i touch game through u torrent, and then tried to upload the app through i tunes but the bloody thing wont “verify”, i cant down load stuff from i tunes cuz i don’t have a bank account, and my dad wont give me his credit card info cuz, well he’s just too old fashioned…lol

    HELP HELP!! what do i do and how????


  64. sorry people i was just getting to grips with this service …. does anybody have any recommendations about any new i touch gen 2 apps ?????

  65. First of all, u need a jail broke iPod touch to play games not downloaded via the iTunes app store and don’t ask me where to download the jail breaking software from. Google’s your friend word of warning as soon as you open up iTunes to sync it will say that your itouch is out of date with the firmware and update to the latest 2.0.2 firmware. To get games or apps, just search in iTunes then look on the left hand side under devices in tunes, the last tab ok the right says applications, click on that and under that it will say sync applications,got 2 buttons 1 is sync all apps and 2 sync selected apps

  66. I Downloaded some games onto the computer for my ipod,, but i dont have a clue how to get them onto my ipod,, Can Someone Help Me ??

  67. Ok i know how to get games. Ok you download itunes. Then you type in on the little search bar free games an a list of games will pop up. They have different ones. So then click get application or get app. An thats how you do it

  68. How do I download free games from my ipod touch? Please let me know for 2nd generation system.

    Thank you.

  69. i have the ipod touch and i want to know how can i get the games on to it …. also i want to know where can i find a website that has ipod games.. diferent than ……… That’s aLL .. THanKyeW.. <3

  70. how do u download games on your ipod touch love the ipod lol g2g bye and by the way can you give me the website choow love the ipod touch can’t what 2 play games on it like i siad g2g bye*****

  71. Spin3, a leading provider of mobile gaming systems would like to offer you our play-for-fun casino style mobile games for FREE to raise the standard of these type of games on mobile devices. Optimized for the iPhone and iPod touch mobile devices and enhanced to fully support the flip-screen feature, users can play either horizontally or vertically – all at the touch of a finger. With razor sharp graphics and advanced in-game effects, Spin3’s casino games make for the ultimate fun and exciting gaming experience.

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  72. this is not helping me at all. i have already downloaded the games, i just dont know how to put the games on my ipod. it just keeps sincing the music but the games are not coming onto it.

  73. hello when i try to download free games off of my ipod touch it ask for countryboy password (who is countryboy)

  74. …just to add, there are loads of p2p sites offering this for free – this is illegal. Make sure you join a proper and legal site

  75. well i recently got my ipod touch and i downloaded itunes but how much space exactly doest it take up because i need to know, if it is over 1GB im ruined. and this website is pretty cool on the FREE GAMES and i wonder how much it would cost over itunes………….

  76. how do you put the games that you have already download on itunes to your itouch? (my itouch is not 2.2)
    what do you have to do ???

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