Top Ten Free iPod Touch Applications

Top Ten Free iPod Touch Apps. Those who are the proud owners of iPod Touch can’t stop raving about the kind of value it adds to their daily lives. The device is not only a useful portable media player, but also a handy personal digital assistant which supports Wi-Fi connectivity. It was designed and launched by Apple, Inc. on September 05, 2007. The second generation (2G) iPod Touch was launched on September 9, 2008 whereas the 3G and ipod touch 4th generation versions were unveiled on September 09, 2009, and September 01, 2010, respectively.

With more than 300,000 free ipod touch apps available in the App Store, it is now possible to use them for a whole gamut of purposes, like transforming your cherished device into a photo editor, a slick camera or even a reference book. However, it is relatively harder to trace applications which are free or those which can work outside the range of a Wi-Fi network. Since not every place has a Wi-Fi network, there are certain free apps with offline capabilities which come to our rescue. Here’s a list of the top ten Free iPod touch apps which not only provide great utility to its users, but also enhance productivity at work:

Twitterrific: It is now possible to tweet anytime and anywhere to keep in touch with your followers using this wonderful application. This free ipod app is beautiful interface and user-friendliness ensures that it is able to do a very efficient job. The best part about the app is that it is updated every ten minutes.

NetNewsWire: It is another great free application for iPod touch users. While the desktop version of this app can be used to read latest RSS feeds from a range of websites, the cellular version is compatible with the NewsGator feed which makes sure that all your subscriptions are in absolute sync, regardless of where they are placed.

Documents 2 Free: Technology geeks would agree that it is pretty unusual for an application to edit GDocs offline and for free. However, Documents 2 Free does just that by allowing you to download/view your documents from your GDocs account. Once it is downloaded, you can see and edit the documents offline. This app, which came with the iPod Touch version 2.0, also allows you to create new spreadsheets, text documents and sound files.

Chop Chop Ninja: Hailed by the Touch Arcade Community as one of the best iDevice games of all times, this free app has been downloaded by more than 1.9 million people. It was also the most downloaded game in more than 40 nations.

Evernote: This one is arguably the most attractive free application for the iPod Touch which is full of exciting features. The app allows you to pen down your thoughts and special occasions/events with ease. It also lets you modify the notes on the move and even upload pictures or a voice recording. How’s that for utility!

Stanza:This exciting e-book reading application lets you access plenty of catalogues of e-book sources like Project Gutenberg and other bookstores for free, which eliminates the need to visit the nearby library. That isn’t all, though. One can use a number of options to change the look of the book. You can download the free e-book from a catalog using the Get Books tab and read it offline!

Google Earth: Google’s world famous satellite mapping feature is another interesting iPod touch application. Using this cool app, you can customize the views, read articles and search locations quickly and conveniently.

Weatherbug: It is yet another interesting utility application which is better than the device’s in-build weather app. Weatherbug offers reliable weather-related information about more than one geographical location.

Sportacular: This is the ultimate free sports-based application that comes with the iPod Touch. It offers quick and up-to-date information on scores, statistics and latest news from NFL, MLB, NHL, PGA, NCAA, MLS, etc to sport addicts. In addition, the app also lets you create custom groups for your sporting heroes.

Truphone: Truphone created quite a stir upon its launch. It is one of those rare applications which elevate a conventional 2G iPod Touch into a full-fledged iPhone. This app not only allows you to make free phone calls to Gtalk or Skype, it also brings down the cost of international calls made to cell phones and fixed-lines using Wi-Fi.

Those are all our version of top 10 Free iPod Apps lists, if you have your own lists, then do not hesitate to share with us here.

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