Unblock Me

If you love puzzles, and you love simple games that will keep you trying to figure them out, then the Unblock Me app for the iPhone is just the thing that you need. This simple game works on a very basic concept. There are multiple brown blocks scattered around the puzzle, with one red block stuck somewhere. All you have to do is get the red block out. Sounds easy, right? Most of the good iPhone games do.

But this one will challenge you like you would never have imagined. There is a lite version and a full version. The lite version is free and comes with 400 levels, each one more difficult than the next. But, if you’re the type that needs to put the game down while you go do something else, and want to come back to it later, the free version won’t save your game for you.

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The full version costs only $0.99 and it will give you even more playing time. Not only will it save your game for you but it will also give you 800 more levels, meaning that there are a total of 1200 levels that you can play. With either version there are two different modes that you can play in. Play at your own pace or play in challenge mode. The challenge mode will count the number of moves you make and give you a star rating at the end. The fewer moves you make, the higher of a star rating you will have. So you can constantly try to beat your own personal best.

The app works on a total touch interface, which makes it incredibly easy and the graphics all consist of clean, seamless lines. If you want to check out the rave reviews this game has received and download it onto your own iPhone, you can check it out in iTunes here.

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