What to Do When Your iPod Touch Won’t Charge

So the battery in your iPod Touch is low or completely depleted, and you hook it up to your computer, waiting to see the little battery icon partially filled with red (or green, depending on how low your battery is.) Instead though, nothing happens. The icon doesn’t light up, and the battery doesn’t seem to be getting any juice. This might seem like catastrophe, since your iPod Touch must be able to charge before you can use it, but it’s not. There are many solutions for when your iPod Touch won’t charge. Try a few of these and hopefully, you’ll be back in business in no time.

The first thing you should do when your iPod Touch won’t charge is to check the USB or FireWire cable. The problem could simply lie in the fact that your cable is damaged and a simple replacement might do the trick. And if you’re using anything other than the cable that goes with the iPod and was made by Apple, run out and get the proper cable. That could do it for you too.

If you check out the cable, and your iPod Touch still won’t charge, then check your computer. You can do this by trying to charge your iPod Touch from another computer. If it charges, there might be something wrong with your iPod Touch’s Home computer.

Then check to see if your iPod Touch is frozen. If an iPod Touch becomes frozen, it won’t be able to charge. Hold down the Menu and the Sleep button to try and restart your iPod Touch. If you notice any change in your iPod Touch after this, the device was probably frozen. Try to charge it up again and see if it will work now.

After checking your iPod Touch and your computer, then check the USB and FireWire ports that you’re using to plug your Touch into. Many USB ports only have enough power to run small devices, such as a computer mouse. But iPod Touches require much more power and if your USB port isn’t powerful enough, it’s not going to be able to charge your iPod. Usually, the USB 2.0 ports that are found on the backs of many computers are powerful enough to juice up any iPod Touch. Also, if you’re using a FireWire cable, make sure that it has six pins – four pin FireWire cables also won’t have enough power to charge an iPod Touch.

Not being able to charge your iPod Touch is definitely a frustrating problem, but it’s a very common one among iPod Touch users. Luckily, there are many answers in case this should ever happen to you.

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