CamWow for the iPhone

For those who love making funny faces in photo booths, and who just love playing around with different effects on pictures, there’s the CamWow app for the iPhone. This app works very simply. Import your own pictures to the app and then choose what effects you want to use on that picture. So just what effects will be available to you?

It’s advertised as a “photo booth effects” app, but it’s really so much more than what any photo booth can ever bring you. The effects included in the app are: smoke, mirror, sketch, X-ray, thermal, grayscale, light tunnel, newspaper, and more. Plus, when you get a picture that you find especially hilarious, you can share it with friends by posting it to Facebook or by emailing it off to your friends. And, with front and back facing camera support, you’ll be able to take a picture on the spot and start playing around with it to make a picture that’s really fun!

And talk about fun! That’s all that users in iTunes are talking about! Some are calling it the “funnest app ever” while others are raving about how it’s a great way to spend time with the kids, taking pictures and then playing around with them to see who has the best hand at photography. Start finding out just how much fun you can have with photos, and why this app has already been rated among the Top 100 Overall App in over 12 countries, by downloading the app here. And did we mention it’s free? So you’ve got nothing to lose!

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