Free iPhone Games; Ranch Rush Lite

There are a whole range of iPhone games for the iPod Touch and iPhone devices that will see you running your own farm and one of the most famous types of these games is the Farmville game. However, there is another great game out there that will see you in charge of your own ranch and this goes by the name of Ranch Rush.

Now, although the Ranch Rush game is actually a paid game, there is a lite version of the game that will allow you to experience the gameplay before you buy. The Ranch Rush game will see you in charge of your own ranch and you will have certain tasks to perform on each level. For example, you will have to make sure that you get certain items picked and made in the time limits set and you will have to buy more machinery as the levels progress in order to do this.

The lite version of the ranch Rush game will run you through a tutorial of the game and will allow you to play a few levels before you have to purchase the full game. The graphics on the game are not exceptional but they fit in well with the style of the game. The game is extremely addictive and we highly recommend it for people that have enjoyed such games as Sally’s salon and Diner Dash as well as other similar games. The game works for iPhone and iPod Touch and will soon be available for iPad in the form of ranch Rush 2.

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