Solution for iBooks Crash Problem

Solution for iBooks Crash Problem. It is said that a lot of iPad users are readers – that’s why they bought the iPad in the first place. Well, if you are one of these users, then we have the perfect reader app just for you. It’s the iBooks. The iBooks app is just like a book shelf. It displays your books like they would on a real bookshelf.
Here are two feedback from Ipad user about iBook Crash Problem:
iBooks Crash Problem
Cappadocian: “
The solution to ibooks crashes problem is that there is no solution. Give up ibooks and install a non-Apple app called Goodreader. You have to pay but it costs next to nothing. Pretty easy to install if you followed the instructions on their website. And hey presto you have an excellent view of pdf documents and photographs etc.
Apple thank you so much for for all the help you have given perplexed ibooks would-be users over several years. I know it is not your policy to respond on forums, but you would think you would have posted this information somewhere — or fired the geek who currently designs ibooks and got someone in who can do a proper job.”
one more possible solution to fix ibooks crashes if all else fails:
+to go to airplane mode
+open ibooks
+open the books tab/collections tab quickly before the app crashes
+wait for max. of 1 minute
+press done
+tadaaaaaa no more ibook app crashing.
..well that worked for me anyway
i had to redo the steps a couple of times for it to work and solve ibook app crashing. goodluck”
Another user successfully fixed ibook app crashing problem after iOS 8.0 Upgrade like this:
ibook app crashing

The first thing that comes to mind os how to add books to a library like this. Well, it has its own bookstore. this bookstore is very helpful, it offers a wide range of books on different subjects, and finally, it offers some books for free. After downloading your favorite books come the best part. Reading. The iBooks app takes reading on to a whole new level. Whether you are a traditional reader, or a reader willing to try new experiences when it comes to reading, then you’re welcome to use the iBooks app.

Are you the new type of reader who’s willing to take on new experiences? Then try reading an Enhanced Book. This is the book that offers interactive experiences while reading. The book could be narrated. The narrator could read good passages from the book. The app could pop out supplementary videos and other knick-knacks making the book more interesting as ever.
These options are perfect for children. Imagine that you’re children are not interesting in reading books anymore, but wait till they see the videos, and the characters in the book moving and narrating the story out loud, almost like a cartoon already. The book is going to be so interesting to ignore any longer. Most of all, you don’t need to read books aloud anymore, because the book can read itself. With this, your child could read this book over and over again, and this could even help improve his reading skills, right?
Now, if you’re the other type of reader, more like a purist one, and you want to enjoy the raw feeling of reading books the traditional way, then don’t fret. You could still enjoy this feeling with the iBooks app. You can hold the iPad like the way you would hold a real book. You could flip the pages. The font is still the same. The experience is just like reading the actual book – only better.
You could still read inside a dark room with the bright LED display. Forgot you glasses? No problem. You could increase the book’s font size. Reading the book for a project or a review? You could take down notes within the book with iBooks. And lastly, who needs bookmarks when this app could remember where you left.

iBooks Crash Solutions

The iBooks app is indeed one of the best reading or library app out there. There is only one problem though. the iBooks app crashes sometimes. Good thing there is a fix for ibooks keeps crashing problem:

First, delete the app. Do this by touching our icon on the Home screen until it gets all wobbly. An x mark would appear. Tap on it, and it would uninstall your app. Now, sync your iPad with iTunes. Find the options. Uncheck “Synchronize All Books”. Tapping on sync would erase your entire library from your iPad. Now after this, check “Synchronize All Books” again. This would reinstall all your books, and they should already be working perfectly.

Finally, another solution for ibook app crashing could be putting your iPad into Airplane mode. Some books require network connections, and if you’re currently offline, this could send your app to crash. So to prevent this, put your iPad into Airplane mode. That should solve the iBook Crash problem.
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