Top 10 Apps For Children’s Reading

Top 10 Apps For Children’s Reading. There are some iPhone, iPad and even eReader apps that are not only entertaining but also educational. Reading apps for children are a sure way of providing your kids with some reading help. Here is a look at the top 10 children’s reading iphone apps available.

1. Miss Spell’s Class

This is a unique word game that allows players to test their spelling abilities against the words that are most commonly misspelled on Players have to decide whether all the 20 words are correctly or incorrectly spelled, as accuracy and speed are essential to get to the class top.

2. WordUs2

This is an enjoyable word game that is partly word ladder and partly Mastermind. The game has you speculating a five letter word, but you can set the alternatives for words as little as three letters by going into Select Game Mode. This app has many options.

3. The Three Little Pigs

This is a spectacularly illustrated, delightfully narrated contemporary take on a traditional tale. Every scene is animated; you can touch the pigs as well as other app’s hotspots to hear them talk plus do other fun things. This children’s reading app is an instant favorite.

4. SuperWHY!-PBS Kids

This app follows along similar lines with the PBS Kids Show, which entertains and educates young children about words and reading. The app has 4 different games allowing it to have everything from choosing the best word to complete a sentence to tracing letters.

5. abc Pocket Phonics

This app is full of activities to help your kid develop early literacy as well as penmanship skills. abc Pocket Phonics focuses on letter phonics, which is both the sounds of single letters and sounds produced after combining certain letters, which makes it ideal for early readers.

6. LetterWriter Oceans

This is an elegant app that will train your kid how to write letters, before they even join school. The letters float under the surface of the ocean and when a letter is tapped on by the kid, the letter strokes guides appear.

7. Jack and the Beanstalk Interactive Storybook

This turns the popular story into an app that has astonishing graphics. Every page of the story contains different things to interact with and tap on. Tapping on the characters gives you extra dialogue and some pages have hidden games.

8. GeoWalk- 3D World Factbook

This app offers a trip globally where your kid can learn about different historical figures, landmarks and animals. As the kid spins the globe on the devices’ screen, dots appear, scattered about in various locations. The dots will represent people, places, flora or fauna, depending on the class that the child selects.

9. The Moron Test

This sounds bad but it is not. The app asks a series of queries that really gets your kid thinking. Some have obvious answers while others seem to have obvious answers but end up being incorrect. It is fun for the whole family and will give your brain an exercise.

10. The Oregon Trial

The premise of the game is still similar: you have to take a trip of the Oregon Trail and endure the experience. You will need to solve problems and make decisions that will assist you to travel safe. The app entails mini games about fixing your wagon, hunting, picking berries and fishing among others.

This Top 10 iPhone Apps For Children’s Reading is written by John, He is interested e-readers and tablet technology and the benefits it can have on children’s education. He also loves the old days of print and works for a book cover manufacturer to help preserve the old gems.

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  1. 3. SUPER WHY! – PBS KIDS The SuperWHY app follows along the same lines as the PBS kids show, entertaining and educating young kids about words and reading . With 4 different games within the app, there’s everything from tracing letters to picking the best word to finish a sentence.

  2. Licking Letters is an app that helps kids practice identifying capital letters and spelling three-letter words. Players, with the help of Hoppy the Frog, complete words by tapping the letters as they move across the screen. Hoppy then licks the letter to add it to the word. The first few rounds have three-letter words and only include the target letters, but the app gradually increases in difficulty. Completing a round earns a coin, which can be used to buy costume items for the frog. For more information read Common Sense Media’s review of Licking Letters .

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