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3rd Party Free Apps for iPod Touch

Your brand-new iPod touch is manufactured in such a way that it cannot understand any other language except that supplied by Apple® Inc. They have purposefully made it to monopolize the iPod touch market. But our software programmer gurus have unleashed the binding. They have formulated a crack for your iPod touch, so that it can run any other third-party application, either the paid or free iPod touch apps version. The process is called ‘Jailbreaking’.

Before you can get any third-party iPod touch free apps, you need to jailbreak your iPod touch first, then you have to install the ‘’ in your iPod touch (you could try to use our as a resource). Then you have to choose the package among innumerable software applications that are freely available on the Internet.

There is a specific procedure to download free apps. Once your device is effectively jailbroken, you have to key in the specific URL of the third party, providing you can download free iPod touch apps. Then you have to connect your device using its WiFi system. The phone firmware is updated automatically from the website itself. All you have to touch is the ‘done’ button as the installation process is completed. Refresh its function and use your iPod touch in a brand-new way, and you can start to use any third-party/cracked iPod touch free apps. Check this out for ipad 2 accessories.

free ipod touch apps

Free iPod Touch Apps

There are several iPod touch free apps available on some trusted websites. As I am not here to promote any one of those, I shall not name any one. You have to do a little research and download the suitable applications for your iPod touch.

Download iPod Touch Free Apps from iTunes Apps store.

And if you are an iTunes apps store lover and only want to use iPod touch free apps supplied by them and do not want to use any cracked apps for iPod touch (jailbroken iPod touch), then you need to check the top 50 iPod touch free apps which are updated automatically from the iTunes apps store.

Please note that, before you can download the free iPod touch apps listed below, you need to have an iTunes account. Please follow the next link to get info about:  How to Create an iTunes Account without a credit card.

After you have an iTunes account, then browse in the iTunes store to download many free apps for iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad there. Just check the Top 50 free apps for iPod touch below for the best to start on your free apps finding.

ipod touch free apps

Top 15 Free iPod Touch Apps


Please kindly share with us below this article if you have another best iPod touch free apps list.

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  1. Thank you for free I-pod application software. I need it in my I-pad To be able to play music. Thanks a million! John Paul Okwok. Thursday, 12th January, 2012.

  2. I wanna get an ipod touch I don’t know if it has got the capability of reading ebooks using any of the reader apps?. thanks

  3. @Blair:
    you need a computer with itunes installed on it, plug the ipad into the computer and open up itunes. a window should come up with steps to set up the ipad, follow the prompts and you can’t go wrong from there!

    @everyone else:
    (if your alredy jailbroken skip this) BACK UP YOU IPOD FIRST!!! google “greenpois0n rc4 download” to download greenpois0n (a program to jailbreak your idevice) when downloaded plug your iphone/ipad/ipod touch into your computer and run greenpois0n. follow the instructions carefully. if you did it right you ipod will reboot and a whole load of text will appear on the screen for about ten seconds and the it will reboot again. when it has rebooted there will be a new icon o nthe springboard named installer. go somewhere with wifi and open this app, click insall cydia and wait, your ipod will reboot. congrats! your ipod is now jailbroken!

    step 2. go into cydia. wait for it to load then press manage. press sources. press edit. press add. type: then press add source.

    step 3. press done. press on the new icon “”. install installous. click reboot ipod. go into installous, download the apps you want and enjoy

  4. ok so my sister bought me an iPad for my B-day and the screen is all locked up. I have no clue how to get it unlocked and I even searched online a ton trying to find ways to unlock the screen but it’s still is frozen… HELP!

  5. Hello I have a cracked iPod touch screen but I don’t know if you buy the screen and if y’all fix it for free what should I do?

  6. how can i download my games to my ipod touch. i already downloaded it in my itunes in my computer… please HELP….

  7. i went to an applke store and the guy there scanned it and said that I had to restore it, because there was a glitch in the software. I have to re load all of the software onto my ipod. 🙁

  8. somebody help me i have ipod touch but i cant able to use it Tell me that first we have to download apps from net and latest version of itunes

  9. Yes, you need to make iTunes Account. use the steps at the right sidebar of this site.

  10. I am from Myanmar. And I can’t access to Wi-fi connection according to my country problems.
    But can I add application from a PC computer to **ipod touch**.. Help Me !!

  11. this is amzing but some apps dont work….like it says this app is different than the others but besides that,it GREAT!!!!!!!i LOVE my itouch!Its the BOMB!!!!!!

  12. Hi, alot of people are asking about themes downloaded from CYDIA. To use these themes, you needed to download an app called summerboard that is a springboard replacement. (Springboard is the software supplied by apple on you ipod/phone.) This however can cost £45. Thankfully Saurik (Or whatever :D) has provided us with a free Summerboard replacement that is even better and its called… You guessed it… Winterboard! You can download this from CYDIA and then all your downloaded themes will be ready for use as soon as you start up winterboard, hope this helps!!!! x

  13. hi dear
    i bought a apple 3g 1 month ago and i need to have a many software and game in my mobile if its possible pleas send me many thing that i requested for me to install on my phon(apple 3g)
    thanks dear

  14. I hate a lot of games for the i touch I have some that I like but I don’t know which one is the best and do any of you like i milk, i soda, i beer, or i bug? Well i’ll type in later see ya .

  15. jail braking doesnt mess ur ipod up or anything. It just lets you cusomize ur ipod 2 ur needs and desires. Im not sure about the 2nd gen ipod and jailbraking it because i havn’t even tried doing it with mine…but i had a 1st gen itouch and traded it with apple for a 2nd gen…i jailbroke the 1st gen itouch and it was really cool….it lets you change the screen behing ur apps, lets you change the color of ur key board, lets you change the writting on the front from “slide to unlock” into whatever u want, lets youchange the slide to unlock into push to unlock….and lots of more cool stuff

  16. Ya…all of u shud know that cydia and the themes are installed through a jailbreak…..which basicly lets u do anything with ur ipod

  17. I owned an Ipod touch 2nd generation
    Can anyone tell me how do I install “CYDIA” and “installer” in order to add several “themes ”


  18. Dragi pprieteni am un ipod touch de 8gb,si vreau sa il deblochez,cu Zibi merge pina la un moment dat cind imi spune ca firmewer nu are pach de 1.1.1 si de aici ma blochez si eu, va rog mult daca puteti sa imi dati citeva sfaturi despre ce variante mai am,este v 1.1.5 si dupa ce fac jail. cu zibi nu mai apare in lista tweaks este problema ,nu ma supar daca imi scrieti pe mail

  19. Please somebody help me !
    I have Ipod touch 2° generation
    I have a problem to install “CYDIA and installer ” in order to add several “themes ”
    Is there anybody who knows the way ?
    Thanks from Italy

  20. hi all, i have a ipod touch but ive heard so many things dat can go wrong wiv ‘jailbraking’ if all i want 2 do is add games will i still have to go thru the jailbreak process??? plz plz help me, as i dnt want 2 loose all my music or have 2 purchase a new ipod!!! many thanx ppl

  21. I want to buy a ipod touch and want to know what happens if you browse a web site with flash video. is there a converter that will convert flv to usable video on the fly?

    Rick Burdette

  22. if it says that jay then it means you can only get that app on the iphone but you can get loads of free stuff for the ipod touch too!! read the review first and itll tell you

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