Free apps for iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone are the most-searched terms by Apple fans. With 1000 paid and free iPod touch apps and free iPod touch games available in the iTunes apps store, then how could we find the best free iPod apps there? Well, if you need that information, then you have landed in the right place. In this post you will get daily updates of the top 100 free iPod touch apps, top free iPod touch games, and announcements of new releases of free iPod apps from the iTunes store.

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Looks like Apple has vowed to create magic and mesmerize its customers every time it launches something new. iPod Touch is a little confusing at first glance. It looks like an iPhone, but it’s not a phone, and it lacks other iPhone features, such as a camera and Bluetooth and other features that a basic phone would have. And, while the iPod touch neither looks nor acts anything like a traditional iPod, what is surprising and confusing is that it has just one-tenth the capacity of a classic-sized iPod. With iPod touch in hand, and with music, TV shows, and thousands of paid and free iPod apps in iTunes, you can make your life more fun and entertaining.

One thing that is present is Wi-Fi, which helps provide web access via a special version of Safari and a YouTube application, but email is conspicuously absent, which everyone would be looking forward to and would miss with this facility.

As expected, the iPod touch has a multi-touch screen and takes your experience to the next level. The multi-touch interface starts with a single button, and then the rest is up to your fingers. Apart from text entry, multi-touch is smooth and elegant. With a long list, or a series of photos, or a stack of Cover Flow albums, you can flick and toss the virtual object, which has mass and drag and feels uncannily natural.

But the most amazing thing about this iPod touch is the variety and bundle of applications it can handle. There are more than 500,000 paid and free iPod apps. The operations it can handle baffle the user.

iPod touch games and free apps for iPod touch are nothing short of amazing. And the iPod touch App Store is where you’ll find them all.

The world’s best developers are taking advantage of groundbreaking technology, including multi-touch, the accelerometer, real-time 3D graphics, and 3D positional sound, to create games and applications made especially for iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad. iPod touch owners can buy paid apps or download free iPod apps by browsing the iTunes store. So whether you’re a gamer or into something else — chatting, social networking, news, sports, finance — there’s bound to be something just for you.

One can dig into a variety of iPod touch apps to suit their variety of uses. Though Apple develops its own iPod touch applications for its devices, it also allows third-party applications. You could browse the iTunes store and buy your desired app or get tons of free iPod apps in the store.

Where to get Free Apps for iPod Touch?

The only official channel to obtain free iPod touch apps and good, free iPod touch games is Apple’s iTunes Store. The App Store application, available in all versions of the iPhone OS from version 2.0 (or Software Update 2.0) onwards, allows users to browse the paid and free iPod apps, iPhone apps, or iPad apps from an online repository with the iTunes Store. This process is as simple as ABC. To develop such software, a software development kit (SDK) was officially announced on March 6, 2008, at an Apple Town Hall meeting. The iPhone SDK allows developers to make both paid and free apps for iPod touch after paying a fee to join the development team. The developer can then set the price for the iPhone or iPod touch apps they develop and will receive 70 percent of the sale price. The developer can also opt to release the iPod application for free and will not pay any additional costs.

Before you can do free iPod touch app downloads and use those free apps for iPod touch which are available in the iTunes apps store, you need to have latest iTunes software installed on your PC, then you need to create an iTunes account. To create an iTunes account, you need to have a credit card. But if you have no credit card, and really want to have an iTunes account because you really want to fill your iPod touch with hundreds of free apps for iPod touch available from the iTunes apps store, then there is a way to do that. Please follow the next link to know about HOW-TO: Create an iTunes Account without a Credit Card.


Then, after you have created an iTunes account, you can start browsing thousands of paid and free iPod touch apps in the iTunes apps store. If you create an iTunes account without a credit card, then I assume that you only need to know what are the best free apps for iPad in the store. To help you out on this to get the best option for good, free iPhone apps, then please take a look on the top 100 free iPod apps below…

free apps for ipod touch

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Top 100 Free iPod Touch Apps on iTunes Store (All Genre)



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Top 10 Free iPod Apps Games Genre

List Top 10 Free iPod Apps in Games genre:


New Release of Free Apps for iPod Touch


Listed below are New Release of free iPod touch Apps:


New Release of Free iPod Touch Games

Listed below are New Release of Free iPod Touch Games:

Third-Party Free iPod Apps

Shortly after the iPod touch was released (iPhone OS version 1.1.1), hackers were able to “jailbreak” the device through a TIFF exploit. The resulting application, “”, enabled the user to download a selection of unofficial third-party iPod touch apps. Some of these give the user more control over the iPod touch than is officially available, and also makes it work on Linux operating systems. All subsequent versions of the iPhone OS can be jailbroken. Servicing an iPod touch after jailbreaking or other modifications made by unofficial means is not covered by Apple’s warranty.

There are, as usual, two ways to use and download good, free iPod apps and free iPod touch games. One is the official way through Apple’s registered website, and the other is through other websites where you can get a cracked application which may or may not work. The only method to get free iPod apps is from the net, and being self-sufficient is best; otherwise your local electronics store guy can also do it for you.

Through the Apple Store, downloading applications to iPod touch is easy. Just tap the app store icon, browse the categories that interest you, and then download your purchases wirelessly. Some are even free. There are many free iPod apps, iPhones, and iPads in the iTunes store. Once you own an application, the app store automatically notifies you when there’s an update. You can even shop the app store on your computer, then synch applications to your iPod touch using iTunes. You can clearly see the advantage is that the application you purchase through this website will also get you the updates, but if you download it from somewhere else, you will have to find out about and hunt for the updates yourself.

In simple steps, let’s have a look at how to install free iPod apps:

+ Download the latest version of iTunes and the iPod touch 2.0 Update (see Resources below this article) if you do not have them already.

+ Go to the iTunes Store, click on the “App Store” button in the navigation menu, and find an application you would like to install on your iPod touch. The app store includes both free apps for iPod touch and paid applications.

+ Click “Get App” and enter your iTunes Store account information. The application will begin downloading immediately.

+ Plug your iPod touch into your computer using the iPod USB cable to begin the synching process.

+ Click on the “Applications” tab in the iPod menu, which will come up automatically after your iPod touch has been connected to your computer.

+ Check the “Synch Applications” and “All Applications” buttons, and then hit the “Apply” button to transfer applications to the iPod touch. Once the synch process is complete and the iPod touch is ejected, the applications can be run on the iPod touch.

Though the process at first looks a bit complicated, it is not once you get used to it.


If you still use the iPod touch 1.1.1, 1.1.3, and 1.1.4 versions, please kindly add “ in” in your iPod touch to use the IPod touch apps here. After you add the installer, you will get these applications in your iPod touch:

One of the great, free iPod touch apps that you will find amazing is the Truphone iPod touch application. This app will allow you to sort of make calls. One has to check this application out.

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