Ultimate Soundbox for the iPod Touch

Let’s face it, playing with sound effects is just plain cool, right? Especially when you can do so many cool things with them now, like set them as the ringtone for your phone! Now the Ultimate Soundbox app for the iPod Touch will give them to you at your fingertips – but we’re hesitant to say that you’ll get them “all” for free, like the developers will.

This app is being advertised as free for “Today Only” in iTunes. After you see this, you’ll see a big disclaimer that tomorrow the price goes up to $1.99. But there’s actually no need to rush. This is because while you can download this app for free, it’s only a Lite version, even if it’s not advertised as such. Within it you’ll get about 30 sounds for free, and you can do anything you want with them. But if you want more, you’ll have to buy the full app for $1.99, whether you do it today or tomorrow. And, the advertisement that constantly comes up urging you to buy the full version of the app is pretty annoying too.

Other than that, it’s a fun little app that will let you make just about any sound that you want. There are farts, cash registers, Christmas sounds, morse code, white noise, or more. If you want to check out the sounds that you will get for free, download the app from iTunes here. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you about that pesky recurring advertisement!

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