3 Best Writing Apps for the iPod Touch

Have you ever tried to write something on your iPod Touch? Whether you’re a professional writer, like to just jot down lines of poetry when they come to you, or just want to send off a letter to your friend, there doesn’t seem to be  a way to do it. Unless you visit the App Store, of course. The Notes app that comes as a default on the iPod Touch is great for things like grocery lists and maybe even the odd thing you need to remember. But when you need to really write, what are some writing apps for the iPod Touch that will help you do it? Here are the best 3!


Momento is an app that allows you to keep a mini journal on your iPod Touch. When you open the app, you’ll be given a list of all the days that you’ve written down an entry. And, just click on the pencil in the top right-hand corner and you’ll be able to enter anything you want. Memento is meant to be used like a mini Twitter for your iPod Touch, with casual observings or musings that you come up with during the day. And for that reason, it’s also linked to major social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook so that you can easily upload and get your feeds, all from this nifty little app.


Snail mail is so yesterday. And that’s even true for postcards when you go on vacation. So don’t worry about scurrying around trying to find different postcards for all the different people back home. Download Postino and let it do all the hard work for you. With Postino, you can use pictures that you took yourself on vacation, so you can show all your friends your very favorite parts, and then you can email them all off, without ever leaving the beach!


WriteRoom is an app that closely resembles that of the Notes app but is actually way better! Not only can you write in landscape mode but the keyboard is also much bigger too, making it even easier to type away. Plus, you can sync your documents with the desktop application and anything that you write in WriteRoom will be available over Wi-Fi. This third-party app might be the most expensive writing app that’s available for the iPod Touch, but it’s also probably the best!

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