What to Do When iPod Touch Apps Close Automatically

Recently, Mike wrote into us and told us about a problem he was havingwith his iPod Touch apps. After doing a little digging, I found this is common problem among iPod Touch users. The problem occurs when Mike, and others, tap on their iPod Touch apps. The app opens just as it normally would but as soon as the developer’s name pops up, the entire application shuts down. So, how do you fix it when your iPod Touch apps shut down automatically?

The answers can be simple, or they can be complicated. Let’s try the former first. Of course, start by making sure that you have the latest version of iTunes installed. Then, turn your iPod Touch off and then back on and try using the app again. I personally don’t see how that would work, but that’s advice from Apple, straight up. And, if your problem is with Safari specifically, try to close down any multiple pages that you might have. Sometimes, if there are too many pages up in Safari, the browser will automatically shut down.

The next simple step you should do is to try to delete the app from your iPod Touch and then reinstall it. To do this, just touch and hold the app’s icon on your Home screen. When the app starts wiggling, you’ll see an “X” in the corner. Tap the “X” and when prompted, delete the app and all of its contents from your iPod Touch. Press the Home button to save all of your changes and then try and reinstall the app.

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Okay, now that we’ve tried the easy steps and quick fixes, let’s move onto the more complicated solutions. The first thing you should do is to deauthorize and then reauthorize your computer. To do this, start by opening iTunes with your iPod Touch plugged into your computer. Click on your device on the left-hand side and then click the Applicatons tab. Make sure that the Sync box is checked. Click on “Store” and then click on “Deauthorize Computer.” You’ll be asked for your iTunes password. Enter it and then click “Deauthorize.” Then click “Sync” and it will again ask you if you want to deauthorize your computer. In fact, it may ask you a few times if you’re sure you want to deauthorize. Check “Yes” or “Deauthorize” every time it asks you. This step will remove all of your applications from your iPod Touch.

Let your iPod Touch sync and when it’s finished with the sync, go back to “Store” and check “Authorize Your Computer.” Again, you’ll be asked for your iTunes password and enter it when you do. Then, because all of your iPod Touch applications will be deleted from your iPod, sync your applications back from your iTunes onto your iPod Touch.

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