Glow Draw Free for the iPod Touch

Do you love Etch a Sketch? Or are you always scribbling and doodling on scrap pieces of paper? Then you’ll love the Glow Draw app, free for the iPod Touch! Not only can you doodle away to your heart’s content but, true to its name, it glows! This is one of those apps that works so simply, but is so addictive that you’ll spend hours fine-tuning your artist’s pencil. Or in this case rather, the artist’s fingertip.

That’s really all you do. Swipe and circle away on the screen of your iPod, and the app will fill in all of the places you go. And this app doesn’t use just plain old chalk either – you get the choice of red or blue, so when it glows – it really glows! And, if all of that isn’t fun enough for you, the developer has inadvertently thrown in some more fun. Upon seeing the somewhat juvenile-looking screenshots, the developer apologizes, saying that they can’t draw. Cute, yes, but they go even further, throwing a challenge out to all users that if you send in your drawings, they may be used as screenshots when advertising the app. A little thing but, a cute thing nonetheless.

Not only is this app simple and addictive but of course, it’s also free – and you can download it here.

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