Paper Toss App for the iPod Touch

People have been tossing crumpled up pieces of paper into wastebaskets ever since there have been leaves thin enough to crumple, and large round objects to throw them towards. Now, you can test your mad skills of paper throwing wherever you go, all from the palm of your hand, with the Paper Toss app for the iPod Touch.

This is one of those games that is so ridiculously simple, yet so incredibly genius. The graphics show a balled up piece of paper, which you then toss into a simple wastebasket. Toss these pieces of paper into the wastebasket using different speeds and directions and once you’ve mastered the simple trick, take it up a notch. The app also comes with different wind speeds, thanks to the fans blowing on either side, that will make the paper veer off course; so a little bit of strategy comes into play too!

This game not only is beautiful in its simplicity and a totally great time-waster, but it also comes with tons of added just-for-fun features. These are the retina display, which makes this game even more enjoyable when played on the iPhone 4 or the iPod Touch 4. Plus, you’ll even get trash-talk from mad coworkers – just like you do when you play this mind-numbing game at work!

The game does come with a few ads, but it is completely free and will give you countless hours of sheer paper-tossing fun! Download it for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad here.

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