How to Save Battery Life on Your iPod Touch

There’s little that’s more irritating than wanting to use your iPod Touch and finding out that it’s battery has gone dead. Or when you’ve just found something on the Web and you get that indicator that tells you that you only have 10% battery power left. But, there are a few things you can do while using your iPod Touch that can save your battery life, and end the frustration.

Firstly, turn your WiFi off. This is the first tip you’ll ever hear when it comes to saving the battery on your iPod Touch. WiFi uses a ton of power and you’ll be amazed at how much you save just by turning it off. Something else that you should have turned off is your location service. This is the GPS device that’s installed in all iPhones. This one you don’t actually have to worry about if you own an iPod Touch because while the Touch does have a location service, it doesn’t use a GPS and so, uses far less battery power.

While you’re turning things off, don’t forget about the data push – especially on your email. These push notifications tell you anytime that you have a new email, there’s an app update, or there’s anything else new that’s ready to download onto your iPod Touch. While this is a convenient feature indeed, it’s also a battery power-sucking one so turn them off wherever you can. Email is a big culprit and takes the most battery power so make sure that’s the one you turn off first.

Lastly, while we’ve already touched on WiFi, also make sure that you use Web-based applications as infrequently as possible. These applications, unlike apps you can use offline, take up a huge amount of power and will quickly drain your iPod Touch.

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