Pretty Pet Salon App for iPod Touch

When you first download the Pretty Pet Salon app for the iPod Touch, you might think you’re just downloading another app for your kids. But once you test it out for yourself, you’ll soon see that  you’re fighting for iPod time with your kids in order to earn more bucks at your beauty shop.

The concept is simple really. You’re the pet salon owner and you have to take care of the pets that come by your beauty salon. You’re in charge of washing, styling, drying, and of course, taking money from customers. All of this can be done as you simply swipe and tap to what area of the pet salon you want to go to next. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? You’ll soon see that owning a pet salon is not so easy, and those little pooches will keep you running around until closing time.

When you first open up the game you can start a new one, pick up from where you left off in the last game, get some help with how to play (although it’s really very easy to pick up), and you’ll have some other options such as sound and music, and whether you want to erase your current game. From this screen you can also buy pet points (fun but unnecessary to enjoy the game) or earn free pet points. You can earn free pet points just by installing and opening other free apps.

After you’ve gone through all your options just start playing! Enjoy all the benefits of owning a pet salon and see just how much fun you, and maybe even your kids, will have with this app. Start it all off by downloading the free app from iTunes here.

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