Text n’ Drive Lite for the iPhone

First there was the DriveSafely app and now, for those who want some variety in their driving safety, there’s the Text n’ Drive app for the iPhone. This app works very much like you would expect it to, reading out your emails and texts while you drive; so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road and you can always make safety your first priority, while not forgetting about all those important emails coming in.

The Text n’ Drive app comes in either a Lite or full version but if you don’t want to pay the $10 for the app (it was a hefty $20 originally), then you’ll probably find that the Lite version will give you everything you need. The free version will read your emails for you, or at least up to the first 45 words, so you’ll at least know how it’s from and what it’s regarding.

If you opt for the paid version of the app, you’ll also get features such as voice technology, which will allow you to reply to emails and texts just by speaking – you don’t have to touch or look at your phone! The paid version will also give you up to ten times more words, meaning that you’ll get to hear more of your messages as soon as they’re sent.

There is no complicated software that comes with the app. Just install it here and once it’s downloaded onto your phone, it’s ready to use; no subscriptions or memberships necessary.

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