HowStuffWorks for the iPod Touch

Millions of people every day log onto the How Stuff Works website to find answers to their common questions and well, just find out how something works. When you don’t have your laptop or your computer handy, you could take out your iPod Touch and try to view the site through the browser. Or, you could take full advantage of the How Stuff Works mobile interface, and download the HowStuffWorks app for the iPod Touch.

With this app, you’ll have all the podcasts, articles, and videos that you would find on the How Stuff Works website, but you’ll have it all in the palm of your hand. Have a question about something? You now have an easy way to find out about it. Stuck on a science lab question? How Stuff Works will tell you everything you need to know. But this app isn’t just for science nerds or encyclopedia geeks – it’s for anyone who’s ever thought of a common question, but was afraid to ask. What are the five most cloned animals? Is there really a ‘calm’ before a storm? Find out all the answers to all your questions here with this app!

But going to the How Stuff Works website is free, isn’t it so the app should be too, right? Yes! And that’s why you’ll get everything involved in the app for free. You can download it from iTunes here.

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