Kids Song Machine Lite

Having apps on your iPod Touch that your kids can play with is great when you’re going on car trips, or just need them to hush for a little while inside the house. And Kids Song Machine Lite is definitely an app that will keep the kids singing, clapping, and otherwise entertained for well, as long as it takes them to get tired of hearing Itsy Bitsy Spider, and anyone who’s spent four hours with a toddler knows how long that can take.

The app is the Lite version and the full version includes many more songs including If  You’re Happy and You Know It, I’m A Little Tea Pot, and Farmer in the Dell. Itsy Bitsy however, is the only song you’ll get with the free version. When you open the app, tap on anywhere except for the turning wheels to hear the song. We found out after downloading the app that turning those wheels will take you directly to iTunes so you can buy the full version. Click anywhere else on the screen and the song will begin.

When the song does start, there are cute graphics that bop along to the song and the lyrics can be displayed at the top, giving children (who can read) the chance to learn the song as they hear it. We do think that most children who are of reading age already know many of the words to these classic songs, but we don’t want to take away from the cuteness of the app any, because it is pretty cute.

Most parents say in their iTunes reviews that they do think that it would be worth downloading the full version, and we think it might be worth a buy too. Find out for yourself by trying the app out with the Lite version, offered at iTunes here.

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