How you can turn your iPod Touch into a 3G iPhone?

Gizmo freaks and others are always in the search to do something different, something which is always astonishing. For instance a process has been discovered and developed by such third party to change and turn your iPod touch into an iphone 3g! That sounds strange but when such a thing is guided step by step it is believable. Well, before you try it is worth mentioning here that the procedure has success rate of 85%. People who find it difficult to set up can find answers and queries in forms of iPod Touch and iPhone on how to turn iPod Touch into a 3G phone.

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You can learn step by step guide on how to turn your iPod Touch or iPhone into a 3G iPhone from such forums. The process is simple and suitable for beginners as it involves nothing sort of hacking at all and it all about registry edit on the Windows Phone. All you need is an iPod Touch, a Phone/PDA with Windows Mobile 5 or 6. The system of conversion doesn’t work in non touchscreen Pocket PC Versions. The best thing you can have for such conversion of iPod into 3G iPhone is to use the HTC XDA Mini S that usually cost you nearly £150-200. Besides that you will need a SIM card and you have to download and install free PHM Registry Editor onto your Windows Phone. The source to download it is

The Windows Mobile phone is actually an access point that will remain hidden in your pocket or bag. The procedure to turn your iPod Touch into 3G iPhone usually take 15-20 minutes. But the fact is that you cannot use the iPod Touch to make voice call because the device has not microphone. But the iPhone can be used to make the voice calls. But there are experimental errors in this process and sometimes the experimentation is not successful. The iPhone plausibly can make VOIP calls in this way and over 3G networks. But that too is not sure it is just imaginable and still no one has been successful in doing so.

The procedure of installing and arranging the two devices is available in the web. You can follow the instructions given there to synchronize the two devices but at first attempt you may not successful. Don’t panic try again it will happen and you can use your iPod Touch or iPhone to carry on 3G functionalities in it.

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