Free iPad Giveaways – Legit or Not

Many people are trying to get a free iPad by way of entering free contests and giveaways online. And while these companies promise that you will or may receive a free iPad just by following a few simple steps, is that really true? When it comes to free iPad giveaways, there’s something people are always asking themselves – are they legit or not?

The answer is a surprising “Yes!” Or maybe instead, “Probably!” While it’s always wise to ask yourself if you’re about to enter into a legit giveaway, or an online scam, most of the free iPad giveaways online are legit. Companies desperately want people to buy their product. And they desperately want to create a buzz about products, while at the same time spending as little on marketing as possible. So, they give you an iPad to try out, pass around to your friends, talk about how great it is, and they have effectively just created a strategic marketing campaign. The thousands, if not millions, of dollars they would have spent on media campaigns and other types of advertising, they have just saved by giving you an $800 iPad. Sounds pretty good and like everybody wins. But still, what’s the catch?

With legit iPad giveaways, there usually is no catch. At most, all that you will have to do is enter the names and email addresses of people you know that might also be interested in receiving a free iPad, or another online giveaway. It really is that simple but, as always, there are still a few companies that see these free giveaways as just another way to scam to people. And unfortunately, there are a few iPad giveaways that are scams. Here’s what you can do to spot one.

A surefire sign that an iPad free giveaway is a scam is if they ask you to give any sort of payment information, or bank account information. Legit giveaways will never ask you for this kind of information – they want your contacts, not your money. And if you do give away any of your personal or financial information, then you’ll still receive  your iPad – you’ll just pay for it, along with shipping and handling charges, taxes, and any extras that the scamming company decides to tack on, which you can be sure will be quite a bit.

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