Talking Tubby App for iPod Touch

If you love silly little apps, and games that you can completely interact with, then you’ll love the Talking Tubby app for the iPod Touch! This app can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Whichever one you choose, there’s no doubt that it’s going to be lots of fun!

Talking Tubby is a funny little creature that will pop up on your iPod Touch screen and will laugh with you, yell at you, howl at you, or repeat whatever you say. However you want to use him, he’s sure to be a barrel (or maybe a tub) of laughs! Tickle Tubby to make him smile, or poke him in the eyes to annoy him. Touch his teeth if you want to get bit and hear Tubby holler at you. You can also hear Tubby howl at the sun, or hear him laugh when something tickles his funny bone. And, for even more fun, you can talk or laugh into the microphone and Tubby will talk and laugh right back at you! Waste hours of your own time with this fun little creature, or hand your Touch over to your friends and watch as they continue to laugh and make Tubby say and do funny stuff. One of the best ways to use your microphone feature is to belt out your favorite song – Tubby will take a turn singing it when you’re done!

The Talking Tubby app is great fun for anyone who likes mindless, silly apps and of course, it’s also available completely free! Start talking with Tubby today by downloading it here.

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