The Top iPhone Apps for Kids

Your iPhone is a great little tool for all those apps that you just couldn’t manage your daily life without, as well as plenty of your own games. But fill it up with apps for your kids, and you have an immediate toy for any time that you need a little something to provide some distraction for your kids. Not sure where to start looking for children’s apps? Here are some of (what we think) are the top iPhone apps for kids.

Bubble Popper – Beautiful because it’s so simple. So simple in fact, that it’s designed to be played by children ages 2 and up. Simply pop the bubbles just like you would pop bubble wrap, and get points the more bubbles that are popped. Your child will squeal in delight at the actual popping sounds! And it’s free too; you can download it here.

Scoops – Again, so simple in its design, scoops is a game where the player has to keep the scoops of ice cream from falling. This is done by tilting the screen back and forth and eeewww….avoiding those awful vegetables! This game is designed for children 3 and up and it too, is free. You can get it here.

Doodle Buddy – For the budding artist in your little one, there’s Doodle Buddy. Children decide how they want to draw, with chalk or brush, and have a rainbow of colors and shades to choose from. Artists can also draw alone, invite friends, and even take pictures of their picture afterward. When you’re little one is quiet with crayon in hand, this free app is a great way for them to pass time. Download it here.

Giraffe’s Matching Zoo – When you want to boost your child’s brain power while they’re being entertained for a few minutes, this is a great app for it. Children rely on their memory skills as they match up the animals. This one too is a freebie from iTunes, and you can get it here.

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