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There are a few Bible apps for the iPod Touch out there, but there are few that will make your Bible study sessions even easier, and even more entertaining! How? Because the app for iPod Touch isn’t just about reading The Bible – it’s about studying it and listening to it at the same time! Because this app is one of the only apps out there that will actually read The Bible out loud while you read!

That’s right, while you read along in The Bible, the app will also read it out to you – in over 96 languages that include Cantonese, French, Spanish, Arabic, Thai, and more! And as you read you can also choose to listen to a dramatized version or an un-dramatized version. And the audio controls will let you turn it up or down as it all streams seamlessly to your iPod Touch through an Internet connection – which does mean that you’ll need an Internet connection in order to read or listen to the app. But the fact that you’ll get to listen as you study isn’t the only cool thing about this app.

The app also comes with many different programs that can help you with your Bible studies! You can read the New Testament in 40 days, read the entire Bible in a year, and you’ll get a Proverb a day – who couldn’t use that kind of inspiration? And if you don’t feel right about highlighting and marking up your Bible with all kinds of notes, then this app is just the thing for you – because you can do it all right in this app!

Start reading and studying The Bible like you never have before by downloading this free app from iTunes here!

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