Free iPhone Games: Cave Bowling

Cave Bowling for the iPhone is an app that is not that new to the app store but has previously not been free. Now, for a limited time only, the application is available free of charge meaning that you can enjoy some fantastic cave bowling on your iPhone.

The idea of this game is simple and that is that you play bowling on your phone with cavemen. It might sound like a bit of a strange concept but the game provides hours and hours of fun as it is really addictive. All you have to do in order to play the game is set an aim with your finger on the touch screen and then send the bowling bowl flying through the cave landscape to knock over as many pins as possible.

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The game has been well thought out and offers adjustable controls so you can really control the ball exactly how you want to. There are also more than 60 stages of the bowling which means you will have hundreds of hours of fun. As well as this, there is a global scoreboard which will allow you to submit your high scores on each level and try and beat other players all around the world. The game also has support for the Retina display of the iPhone 4 meaning that the graphics look incredible. There is also Game Center support which adds another element of competition to the game.

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