Mr. AahH!! for the iPod Touch

Just when you thought you had seen all the classically simple games the App Store had to offer, along comes Mr. AahH!! This game is very clever, with a very simple concept, yet will still have you pulling your hair out and screaming “Aaahhh!”

All you have to do is control your little man, so simply outlined on the screen, and have him jump from cliff to cliff. And every time you get to a new cliff, you’ll get a new high score – which means another challenge to beat yourself at and, even more bragging rights! But of course, it’s not that simple – it rarely is. You’ll soon find that it’s quite the challenge to get that little guy from place to place, and there are tons of features to play with along the way.

Need to make his moves more precise? Or see that he’s not quite going to make it, unless he shifts slightly to the left? No problem. Tilt your iPod Touch, and he’ll move in whichever direction you need. And if you find that he’s just not moving fast enough for you, turn the Acceleration feature on – this will speed him, and the entire game up.

Not only is this soon-to-be-classic game for the iPod Touch beautiful in its simplicity, it also comes with tons of entertaining graphics and music in the background. And, you can even bring your own music in so if there’s a certain song you like your man to move to, just select it and go.

And would ya believe it? It’s all free too! Start finding out just how hard cliff-jumping can really be by downloading the app here.

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