3 Useful Tips To Fix iPad Charging Problems

Tips To Fix iPad Charging Problems – AppleRepo.com, Your iPad has its unique internal and rechargeable battery. In order to charge it, you simply have to connect your iPad to a power outlet using the USB power adapter and the included cable. Or, you can use the included cable to connect your iPad to a high-power USB port 2.0. However, there are some USB ports and accessories that cannot provide sufficient power in order to charge your iPad. When this happens, your iPad does not charge and why does my ipad say not charging message appears in the status bar beside the battery icon.

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Charging issues with an iPad, whether it is an iPad Air or an iPad 2, is fairly common. In fact, majority if Apple users agree that out of all the Apple devices, the iPad is usually at the top of the list when it comes to charging concerns. In some instances, the ipad no charging problem is caused by hardware related problems however there are times when it is not. Here are some tips you can follow in order to solve your iPad charging issues before you decide to take it to an Apple Store.

Tips To Solve iPad charging issues Problems

ipad charging problems

  • Execute a hard reset. If your iPad seems totally dead and is only showing a black screen, or if it does not recognize a charger when you plug it in, immediately execute a hard reset. In order to do a hard reset, you simply have to hold down the power button and the home button together. Do not release them until the Apple logo appears. Once your iPad has successfully rebooted, try to plug it in again to see if it chargers. If it does, then everything is okay once again. However, if you iPad is still not charging, follow the next tips.
  • Use a different USB port or try another outlet. Sometimes, your charging issue is not actually because of your iPad at all. There are times when the wall outlet you are using is actually the cause. You might tend to get into the routine of plugging your iPhone or iPad into the same outlet each and every time you charge. Break out of that routine and use a different wall outlet! If this resolves your issue, great. If not, follow the rest of the tips presented here.
  • Thoroughly examine your charging cable and brick. Try using another one if you can. Make sure that the block you are utilizing is the one that originally came with your iPad. Also, make sure to examine your cable for any signs of scratches or tears. If it is possible, you should try using another iPad charger. If there is none available, you can always try using an iPhone wall block. It will charge much slower but if it does charge your iPad, it at least rules out the fact that your iPad is the one with the issues. It will also let you know that your cable or brick needs to be changed.

If none of the tips to fix ipad charging problems above work, maybe it is time to consult with an expert. If you have done everything and your iPad still will not charge, visit your local Apple Store and do not hesitate to ask for assistance.

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