Best Free iPhone 3G Applications

Many Free iPhone 3G Applications are available in the iTunes Apps Store. According to the Apps popularity, The best free iPhone 3G applications are listed below:

Google Mobile iPhone

Google Mobile App – This is similar to firefox 3’ not only searches the web but also
shows the contacts listed in your phone as soon as you type in few letters.

Evernote iPhone App

Evernote – Best iPhone application for taking, storing and reviewing notes. This application can also be used for taking notes either by taking photo or by recording your voice.

Pandora iPhone

Pandora’s music App – This Free iPhone 3G application lets you to access your preexisting stations and even sends your listening data to your feedback profile automatically.

Truveo iPhone Video App

Truveo Video Search – Truveo video search lets you find videos from variety of sites.

Loopt Social Apps

Loopt Mobile – This is a location aware social network that will help you connect with you friends while on the go.

Remote iPhone

Remote App – The free remote iPhone app lets you control your iTunes library or on screen Apple TV action directly with your iPhone using Wi-Fi.

New York Times iPhone

NYtimes & Mobile news – This Free iPhone 3G application helps you daily dose of news fetching and sharing.

eReader iPhone App

eReader – This helps in reading all the books in phone screen.

WeatherBug iPhone App

WeatherBug – The Weatherbug helps in knowing the satellite weather maps, current radar, detailed forecasts, weather cameras and severe weather alerts.

Sports iPhone App

SportsTap – This helps the sports freak to be up to date with all latest sports news.

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    I just wonder if these apps work on iphone 3gs

    Can you send me some links that i can dl games and apps for iphone 3gs .


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