Free iPhone Games; Burn the Rope

A free iPhone game that has been in the app store for a few months now but that has only just hit the charts in the app store is Burn the Rope. This game was released during last December and was originally priced at $1.99. The game is now free however and it is certainly a must have free game for the iPhone.

The game is actually created by the same company that created the Cut the Rope game last year which we know was a huge success. The idea of the game is a little different from cut the rope however as this time, you will have to torch the rope during the 80 ish different stages of the game. The fire on the screen will begin whenever you tap the screen and you will then have to rotate the device to ensure that the rope is burnt in the correct way. This works exceptionally well on the iPhone due to the extremely accurate accelerometer device within. The fire will go out in a few seconds however so you will need to make sure you are quick if you want to advance to the next level.

The game has recently been updated with Game Center which is great as it allows you to share your scores and achievements with your friends. This really is a must have game considering that it is currently free for the iPhone and iPod Touch. There is also an iPad version available.

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