4 in a Row for the iPod Touch

Ever play Connect 4? That fun game where you tried to line up four of your tiles before your opponent lined up four of theirs? It’s a game that is so simple and yet requires such strategy that you really will be asking yourself how you couldn’t have seen that line-up of your opponents! Of course, because actually calling an app Connect 4 would cost the developers a whole bunch of money in copyright, this app is called 4 in a Row. But, the concept is still the same and the concept is just as awesome.

The game really is that simple – connect four of your tiles before your opponent connects four of theirs, and you’ve won the game. Win the game three times in a row on the Easy level and you’ll advance to Medium, and so on until you get to hard and expert. Those you’ll only have to win twice in a row but good luck! It’s a lot harder than it sounds! You can play against a friend (and use cool features like Tap and Pass while you do it), or you can just play against the robot opponent.

There is nothing about this app that isn’t good. Users are raving about it, saying it’s the best “4 in a Row” app to come out of iTunes yet and that even the graphics and sound are spectacular. If you’re going to have be at a lot of boring family parties or long holiday dinners these holidays, download 4 in a Row from iTunes here.

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