Magic iEightBall

Remember when everyone it seemed had the Mattel-manufactured toy, the Magic Eight Ball? Ask the Magic Eight Ball a question, give it a shake, and have all the answers to your deepest questions revealed! Some say that it’s the temperature in your hands reacting with a magnet inside the eight ball that makes it work. But really, it’s probably just a toy meant to whittle away some idle hours. And now you can do the same with your iPhone! The Magic iEight Ball is now a free iphone game available for your iPod touch and iphone and it will take you back to a day when you and your friends all passed the Magic Eight Ball around, trying to find the answers!

The Magic iEight Ball app works just like the classic toy did. Once you’ve downloaded the app, ask it a question and shake your iPod Touch or iPhone to see what the Magic Eight Ball has to say. And not only is the iEight Ball game available, but you can also get themes and ringtones. Now, not only is the answer up for grabs, but so is the way you play the game! All of these downloads are free and can be found here. Plus, there’s even lots of websites so you can try out the game, such as this one.

Granted, the graphics in the are good and while you’ll have a total of 20 different answers coming back at you, that’s really the most that this game has to boast about. Still, it is completely free and it is a great way to pass the time! This game is currently available for the iPhone and iPod Touch and inevitably, there will be something like it coming out for the iPad. Seeing as how it’s not a must-have though, it will probably be some time before we see that.

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