Install iTunes on Windows. With the advent of Apple’s iPod, iTunes, the music and video player for the iPod has gained immense popularity. iTunes is used to synchronise and manage music and video files onto the iPod. iTunes is basically designed for MAC OS X v10.4 or later, but it can also run with Windows XP or later. iTunes is highly favoured with users throughout the world as this software allows a user other options other than simply managing audio and video files. iTunes users can edit and store the song information in various playlists, rate songs or albums according to one’s preference, buy songs or podcasts from a built-in music store, etc. iTunes is so popular that it is used by many users, even if they do not own a iPod.

Although iTunes was designed for Mac OS, it is also functional with Windows. One of the recent updated versions of Windows- Windows 7- is also capable of hosting iTunes. Since iTunes goes along with practically all the operating systems designed by Apple for its personal computers and laptops, it is advisable for users of Windows operating systems to check and verify before installing iTunes on Windows. More so, because iTunes keeps updating its version and it is important for Windows users to check if the updated iTunes is compatible with the Windows they are using.

Here is an easy manual to Install iTunes on Windows 7:

Step 1- Install Windows 7 on the computer
Step 2- Ensure that there is enough space on the hard disk on order to install, run and save iTunes
Step 3- Download the latest version of iTunes Setup.exe file from the website of Apple
Step 4- Select the most suitable options for the iTunes setup, click on ‘Next’
Step 5- Install Desktop shortcuts for iTunes
Step 6- Make iTunes the default music player for all types of audio files. In doing this, QuickTime becomes the default player for all media files. This option can also be deselected if one does not make iTunes or QuickTime the default player.
Step 7- Select a destination folder for iTunes when the ‘Choose destination folder’ window pops up. Then click on Next. C drive is the default folder unless the user wants to store it elsewhere. If any user wants to save it any other folder, click on ‘Browse’ to locate the desired location. Click on ‘Next’ to proceed
Step 8- Click on the ‘Agree’ button for Apple’s license agreement
Step 9- Click on ‘Next’ on iTunes ‘Setup Assistant’ opening screen
Step 10- iTunes is made the default player for all MP3, AAC, WMA files. This comes up as an option and can be deselected.
Step 11- Select Yes or No when the window asks if iTunes music folder is to be kept organized or not. Then click on ‘Next’
Step 12- Select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ if you want to go straight to iTunes Music Store. Click on ‘Next’ to proceed
Step 13- Click on ‘Finish’. The iTunes installation is completed.

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  1. Just bought an upgrade Muveemaker6 and now my computer ask me to uninstall and install iTunes. We have uninstalled and now lost our music and can’t seem to reinstall the lastest version required by Windows upgrade. PLEASE HELP!

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