Free iPhone Games: Songify

If you are looking for an application for your iPhone that is one of the most fun applications that you will ever come across, then Songify is the app to download. We are sure that you have all heard of Songify at some point as they have created videos that have millions of views on YouTube including the ‘Bed Intruder’ song and ‘Charlie Sheen’ song. Now, with this fantastic iPhone game, you will be able to do this with your own life.

The idea of the Songify app is that you will easily be able to make music out of speech, in the same way that it is done on those popular videos. All you have to do to use the application is to speak into your iPhone and the app will magically turn your speech into an auto tuned sensation that will be amusing for both you and your friends.

The app also has sharing functionality which allows you to have even more fun with it as it means that you will be able to share your songs that you create on a variety of social networking websites. You will be able to share your songs on Facebook, Twitter and via email for now and we are sure that Google Plus integration will come shortly for the app.

This is a fantastic application to provide hours of fun and laughter and we predict that it won’t be free for too much longer.

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