Scrabble for the iPod Touch

Who doesn’t love a good game of Scrabble? It’s the most favored word game among gamers and still remains one of the top-selling board games today! Now you can not only take your love of the game with you, but also get way more cool features with it by downloading the Scrabble app for the iPod Touch.

This app lets you play Scrabble just as you would if you were sitting with a game board in front of you. You can even use the touch interface to just slide pieces around on the board! Joining a game is easy and you can just jump into one through the app or you can join a game on Facebook. Either way gives you the capacity to run 25 games at a time, so you can have a total of 50 games going! Try doing that and see if it doesn’t add to the challenge of it all for you! Plus, because this is such a socially-based app, you can also chat with your friends while you play. So whether you want to trash talk, or just discuss what you’re doing the next day, you can do it all right within the Scrabble app for the iPod Touch.

One of the best features of the game is the Teacher Feature. This unique feature will show you what the best word choice was based upon your previous words. You’ll be amazed at how many times you’ll say, “I didn’t even think about that one!” This is a great way to sharpen your quickness and wit in this fast-paced game of Scrabble. Best of all, the game comes completely free and you can get in a quick game (or 50) of Scrabble by downloading it here.

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