Free iPhone Games; BunnyShooter

One of the newest and most loved free games for the Pod Touch and iPhone devices that has entered the app store is a game called BunnyShooter. This is yet another game that is very addictive for these devices and the game will give you hours of fun.

The idea of the BunnyShooter game is that you will have to try and kill the bunnies that appear throughout the levels. This game has a similar kind of feel to it as Cut the Rope as it requires a little bit of thought in order to make your way through the game. The way that you are able to kill the bunnies in the game is by firing your bow and arrow at them. Of course, as the levels progress, there will become harder ways of doing this including having to fire at certain obstacles in order to kill bunnies and cause a chain reaction and so forth.

The game is exceptionally easy to play and has a variety of different levels that get progressively harder as the game goes on. The graphics on the game are beautiful, especially on the Apple Retina display. The game also has inbuilt Facebook and Twitter integration meaning that you will easily be able to share your progress and your high scores with your friends on the social networking websites. Overall, this is a fantastic free game from the app store that is well worth downloading, especially if you are a fan of Cut the Rope or Angry Birds.

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