Best Games for iPhone 2.2

With the release of the update iPhone 2.2 software in November, came a lot of new improvements in functionality over the old 2.1 iPhone. As the technology of the iPhone software continues to improve, the features will only continue to improve along with it, which means there will be more software and games than you can imagine. Still, the iPhone 2.2 offers some very nice games, and we’d like to highlight some of them. So here is a list of some of the best games for iPhone 2.2.

On the list of paid games, there are several that caught my eye. Crash Bandicoot, which was a game made famous on the Playstation, is a great game if you like to cause a lot of havoc with crazy weapons. Texas Hold ‘Em poker, which is always a great time, is also a classic game that can keep you glued to your iPhone for hours. If you like thinking games that challenge your brain power, then you might be interested in Scrabble for your iPhone. Some other cool games to exercise your brain are Brain Challenge, which tests and estimates how much you use your brain, and the classic Tetris, which is a fast paces puzzle piece strategy game that forces you to react quickly or lose.

The real way to find the best games for the iPhone 2.2 is to find a place to download the lesser known free games, which is where the real fun begins. Most people are only willing to pay a certain amount for games before they get tired of spending their hard earned cashed, so free iphone games are some of the best one. Once you’ve found a place to download them, then you will have access to an even wider variety of free games for your iPhone.

You can find sports games like iPhone Darts and iPhone golf, strategy games like iPhone checkers, chess, and Scrabble, or other unique games like iPhone Assassin, which allows you to hunt down other iPhone users on the street. Many of these games are interactive, which means you can play with your friends or solo if you prefer. Although many of these games are best played with others, sometimes there just isn’t anyone else around. Playing solo will at least get you through the wait at McDonald’s or the DMV.

You can also find traditional games like Battleship and poker, or go back to the past and play old NES games like Punch Out or Duck Hunt. The choices are truly unlimited because the iPhone has given game developers a chance to create both new prototype games as well as re-release old classics.

If you are looking for the best games for iPhone 2.2, then it really depends on what you are looking for, but more than likely you’ll be able to find something in either the iTunes Game store or other places on the internet where you can find a game that you enjoy. Check out the iTunes Game store or other iPhone download sites to get started.

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