Free iPhone Games; 4 in a Row

When it comes to iPhone games, there are a lot of classics out there that have been developed for the device and other iOS devices and one of these games is the classic four in a row game. This game has been around for years as a standalone game but now, it is possible to play it on your iPhone.

The 4 in a row game on the iPhone works the exact same as in real life and you will have to be the first to get four in a row of the chosen colour. The great thing about the game is that you can choose whether you want to play against others by passing the device between you and your friend or whether you want to play alone, in which case the computer will take control of the other player. It is also possible to decide which colour you want to play as and even choose who you want to have the first move.

If you are looking to play with another person, it is possible to connect by Bluetooth to other devices that also have the game installed. This is a nice option. When it comes to the actual gameplay of the device, it is pretty straight forward and works well. However, it does seem that sometimes the touch controls are not very accurate and coins are placed in the wrong holes.

Nonetheless, this is a great free game for the iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

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