Free iPhone Games; Tiny Tower

Tiny Tower is a game that is currently in the top 25 games in the iTunes app store and it is there for a good reason. The game provides hours of fun as you build and run your own tower, making sure that it is profitable and that any of the people who live in it are as happy as they can be.

This is a very strategic game and will suit fans of these types of games. Anyone who has played things such as Sally’s Spa or Hotel Tycoon on the iPhone before will more than likely enjoy this game as it has a similar vibe to it. The game has been created to look relatively old school which means that the graphics are very pixelated and not the usual graphics that we see on the iPhone. This might put a lot of people off but it actually adds to the game in our opinion and certainly doesn’t halt gameplay.

There is so much you can do in the game as you can build new floors to your tower and much more. You can also add areas for people to eat and so forth and the game is basically never ending. As well as this, the game has Game Center integration which allows you to see your friends towers and visit them. You can earn rewards by doing certain things when you visit your friends towers.

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