Free iPhone Games; Ninja

Ninja is a game that has recently been released into the app store for the iPhone and it is made by the creators of the popular game; Cut the Rope. If you are a fan of Cut the Rope, then chances are that you will be a fan of Ninja as it looks almost the same from our experience playing it.

The Ninja game works in the same way as Cut the Rope and there are a number of different levels for you to progress through that become harder as you go through the game. The game is called Ninja for a reason however and this is because you are in control of a ninja during the game. The branding and graphics of the game are great and although set out in the same way as Cut the Rope, the games really does have a ‘ninja’ feel to it.

Now, the idea of the game is similar to Cut the Rope as you have to bounce around as a ninja to collect the tokens and then reach an end point. This will require more and more skill as you go through the game and the levels get harder. The graphics are exceptional as are most games on the iPhone 4. The game has great extras such as the ability to buy other characters and even two different modes of game play. We highly recommend this game being as it is completely free of charge.

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