Free iPhone Games; Super World Adventures

One of the apps that is free in the app store today is the Super World Adventures game which has managed to make it into one of the most downloaded games at the moment. The game is a relatively simple game and has some likeness to games such as Mario. The game is a full version and it has a number of fantastic levels to keep you entertained.

The idea behind the game is that you are a young lumberjack named Ritchie and one day when you were eating your lunch, a nasty boar came and took the lunch off you and now, you have to do your best to hunt down the boar and get your lunch back, as well as the axe that he also stole off you. However, there are many obstacles and things in the way before you manage to get your items back and this is where the game takes shape.

The game has six fantastically well designed environments and there are 36 levels to the game that are all packed full of action. There are also 12 boss levels which will keep you entertained. There are over 100 bonus items throughout the game too and the game has Game Center integration meaning that you can add your scores to online leader boards and much more. You can also document your achievement sand share them with your friends through the game.

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