How To Install Cydia On iPhone or iPod Touch?

How To Install Cydia on iPhone?

We’ve talked about Cydia before, during our tutorial on how to download torrents using your iPod touch. Cydia is a program that allows you to install third-party applications (not approved by Apple) on iPhone 2G, 3G, and 3Gs. These Cydia applications are contained in Cydia to fill important gaps imposed by the Apple iPhone (example: video recording, customizing springboard).The most frequent question we got after that was: “How do we get and how do we install Cydia on our phones?” Today, AppleRepo will answer it.

How to Install Cydia to iPod Touch?

First, a quick note to know about Install Cydia: You can have both Cydia Installer and the original installer on your iPod touch. However, we recommend using Cydia to install new programs from the moment you install it to avoid overwriting the BSD subsystem files. In case you “have” to use the original installer, make sure to use the fake BSD subsystem in the installer’s system folder.

Here are the steps to answer your question on How to Install Cydia on iPhone or iPod touch

1. Make sure your iPod touch /iPhone has been jailbroken to install Cydia.

How to Install Cydia

2. Launch the Cydia installer and click on the Sources icon. (It should be near the bottom.)

3. Click on Edit -> Add. Then, type in, which should refresh the Source screen.

4. You will see Saurik’s source at the bottom. Click on the Install icon; go to the Systems folder; and choose the Cydia installer.

5. The Cydia app will take a bit of time to download, so you may as well watch some TV or surf a bit while it installs. Once the download of the Cydia app is done, you just have to agree to the terms to begin the installation.

6. The Cydia installation will prompt you for updates that need to be made, with a couple of options. Choose “Upgrade Essentials” and let it update.

7. Important: You will see a popup early on telling you to restart Cydia. However, don’t restart yet until the progress bar at the bottom is done.

8. Voila! You’ve installed the best Cydia installer tool on your iPod touch!

If you have different tips on How to Install Cydia to iPod touch or iPhone, then please share it here, and you could show up your cydia ipod touch picture here too.

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  1. i hv the cydia appp on my i pod but whenever i try to open it it says initiliazing file system then it starts loading and goes to my password screen can anybody explain to me why this is happenning

  2. I had Cydia on my Ipod but then took it off and put it on itunes in my file, but then my computer crashed and i lost everything, so i just want to know how i can get cydia back up and running on my ipod again. So can you please explain to me how i can instal it to my ipod again?

  3. Hi I have a iPod touch. It has 4.2.1 and now apple will no long give my apple iPod touch more upgrades for some reason I don’t know why. My iPhone still is updating 4.3.1. So I have decided I would like to do jailbreak but I don’t want to do it on my computer. I have tried to see on the WWW but I have not found a way to do it. The reason I don’t want to jailbreak is my iPhone 4 is also on same computer and would rather not take the risk. Anyway if anyone know how to do it with out a computer and it works I would be very grateful so thank you in advance. My email address is [email protected].

  4. Hi I’m trying to jailbreak my iPod touch 3G which has been updated to iOS4.2.1 but I’ve tried everything and nothing works. When I tried jailbreakme it said it was a too a newer version and I can’t downgrade it anywhere. Can someone please help me out

  5. Hello there :I’m mansur ,I need cydia in my iPhone ,it’s a week I want to download it but I couldn’t.

  6. Well it is illegel, but you can’t really get introuble. I mean think about it probably a billion people have jailbroken their iPods or iPhones so there’s is hardly anything they can do. And also as long as you restore your iPod from iTunes before you bring it to the store where you got it if it stops working, then you will be fine. I. I

  7. thanks guys .. i want to install applications and games on my i pod touch , but applications tab is not there !! that’s why i want to download sydia ..

  8. Go on you iPod and open safari. When u open it type as URL “”. Then slide. Voila, there you have Cydia. Hope that helped

  9. Hello i downloaded cydia and jailbroke my phone with the blackra1n and now it is coming up with the itunes logo and the cable to connect too what the hell has happened? Its totally not working at all???? Please help me as i am with 3 and need to go and see them tomtorrow because i have tryed restore and now that has no worked

  10. you have to have wifi to add cydia. go to jailbreakme. com on your ipod and then click jailbreak. and there you goo.

  11. i hav ipod touch 1g an i cant ever install any thing from cydia bc when i try to some error thing pops up then it takes me bck to the main screen or whatever i just need help an my ipod is jail brokin an i already hav cydia an installer installed it just wont work thoe ahhh somebody plzz help

  12. Ok for the 2g FW 3.1.3 be sure your ipod’s on and plug in your charge cable but dont put usb part it in your computer yet go to and scroll down till you see windows mac & linux click on your computer type a download appears so run it once its finished a box should say spirit jailbreak and plug in device so plug the usb in wait a bit and the jailbreak letters should turn black so click it btw should take no time at all after that let ipod load and browse through your apps you should find cydia so them open cydia download winterboard and installous then close out its gonna ask to reboot device so do it then power down ipod…close spirit and unplug usb now u have infinite oppurtunities to download any questions my email is http://[email protected] and http://[email protected] enjoy.

  13. i jail broke my ipod…the whole system works great…one random question..i was told that syncing to my computer and updating via itunes might mess with the cydia stuff. i add massive amounts of music to my ipod constantly…will syncing my itouch to my computer normally screw up my ipod and/or the downloads i’v added?

  14. Tony I broke my 2g ipod touch that was updated to 3.1.3 with Redsnow search for it, it worked for me but I cannot get icy to install with it.

  15. after i download an app from cydia, it says connect to itunes, and when i connect to itunes it says my ipod is in recovery mode, once i restore/ recover, what do i do?

  16. hi, please help me in downloading cydia on my phone. I dont have cydia at all .
    from where i can get cydia installer. My phone is Iphone 3g OS3.0
    Please any one help. can i download it from internet.

  17. pls help… i am done jailbreaking my ipod touch but nothing came out on the homescreen called INSTALLER only the ZIBIRI’s BLOG.. can some one help me plss.. i can’t find the INSTALLER on my homescreen.. thnx

  18. @ Malet:

    There is no risk at all to jailbreak your iPod touch (specifically with blackra1n).All functions remain as usual after you jailbreak.Jailbreaking only changes the settings of your device, it does not interfere in the core firmware.
    So, yes, not only can you connect to the internet but also use iTunes and iTunes store the normal way.

  19. To all above,
    You can install cydia ,rock and icy after jailbreaking your ipod touch with blackra1n RC3 (for OS 3.1.2).As soon as your iPOD restarts after “making it ra1n”(jailbreaking), you will find an app by the name of blackra1n.Now, you need an active WiFi connection to install cydia etc..After you have installed cydia, you need to install installous from cydia itself.And now you have the whole APP world free! 😉

    Refer to this video:

    Refer to this video:

  20. hey there, if i install the jailbreak for ipod touch can i connect with the internet or not? 🙁 !!

  21. Hey Milz, go to
    download the windows or mac program. When it downloads, plug up your ipod And hit “Make it rain” on the program. It’ll reboot your ipod, do some stuff, then…Voila.

  22. hey whats up i, have tried sevral techniques on how to jailbreak my ipod touch version 3.1.2 and nothing will work can someone please give me a full explination on how to do this please help….. thanks.

  23. Hey im wondering what the best website to download cydia or even if its worth it. ive heard of so many problems with it im not sure if i want to do it unless i get a really good, trustworthy site to download it from so if some1 could email me or just respond to this that would be nice.

    [email protected]

  24. “4.You will see Saurik’s source at the bottom. Click on the Install icon, go to the Systems folder and choose the Cydia Installer”
    I can’t see this anywhere

  25. Use Quickpwn. It’s the only one that worked for me with a 1G iPod Touch 2.2.1. Just do a google search for “quickpwn windows/mac 2.2.1” It worked great. Easy to understand, and comes with Cydia.

  26. hey i,m jake nice to meet yous!
    hey um i just got a ipod touch 16GB for my birthay 3 days ago my mate has jailbreaking his i just cant seem to jailbreak mine lol up if any1 nows how 2 could you send me a e-mail. if possible? [email protected]
    so if any1 has any info plz send me a e-mail fanks for all the help cant fank yous anoth i got to go seeyaz

  27. To get free Ipod touch game go to Cydia , and go to sources. Now add, and add installous. After that just search what ever game you want and download it =)

  28. thanks for every thing ,
    but how to put (instaaaaaaaaall CYDIA and work in it in the ipod touch
    plz answer 🙁

  29. I will tell you a good to jailbreak
    It’s 100% safe
    It’s 100% not dangerous.
    It’s 100% won’t break your ipod touch.
    1. plug you ipod touch into computer.
    2. go on internet on your computer and type
    3. now download the file which kind of your computer like windows/Apple
    4. Now go to your ipod touch.
    5. press and hold the home button and the on button at lease 8sec.
    6. and you will see an apple sign and it will disappear.
    7. Now “let go the on button But! keep continuing to hold the home button.”
    8. now there will be blink nothing will be on the screen no stop holind on the home button.
    9. now go to your computer what you download and install it.
    10. now your ipod touch will jailbreoken.
    11. and there will be cydia will comes up.
    12. but there are no installer but still you can get them in cydia.

    Thank you for reading. :)!!

  30. After I installed cydia,i installed a theme then it asked to reboot my ipod touch i clicked then my ipod touch will not start again.Can some one please help me !!!

  31. Hello, My name is nathan and i’m currently trying to figure out how to install Apple Ipod Touch games onto it.. I am attempting to use Itunes to install it. I’m not sure if that’s how but that’s why i’m asking you.

    Yours sincerly Nathan.

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