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iPod Touch, offering from Apple comes in three models, categorized according to the storage capacity, it comes with 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB models. Apart from having a high storage capacity it offers a multi user touch mechanism. Using the new features is a bit complicated for the new users. Latest versions of iPod Touch includes accelerometer that responds to the user’s movements. So in order to use their iPod Touch efficiently and make full use of it, they need someone to help them with iPod’s features as well as working. So looking at the level of popularity that iPod Touch has gained in this time, many web sites including apple are offering iPod Touch Help Support to help iPod Touch customers with problems faced regarding software and hardware problems.

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Few of the web sites offering iPod Touch Help Support to millions of the iPod Touch customers are:
+ Official iPod Touch Help and Support
+ Official iPod Touch Discussion to get Help and Support
+ Another good source to get iPod Touch Help

The above mentioned sites offer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) as well online help to the users. FAQ’s are the generic questions with solutions that are mostly faced by most of the users. Other than that, every user can just log onto these web sites and quote any of the software or hardware problems faced and as soon as the problem is posted, web sites try to resolve the problem by answering the query. Few of the FAQ’s provided for iPod Touch Help Support are the way iPod Touch is connected to a computer or a laptop, synchronizing iPod Touch with iTunes, and using 3rd party applications with iPod Touch etc. For all the iPod Touch users, they just need to visit the above mentioned web sites and in case of any problem, can get their problems rectified or resolved using the iPod Touch Help Support.

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