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iPod Touch, offering from Apple comes in three models, categorized according to the storage capacity, it comes with 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB models. Apart from having a high storage capacity it offers a multi user touch mechanism. Using the new features is a bit complicated for the new users. Latest versions of iPod Touch includes accelerometer that responds to the user’s movements. So in order to use their iPod Touch efficiently and make full use of it, they need someone to help them with iPod’s features as well as working. So looking at the level of popularity that iPod Touch has gained in this time, many web sites including apple are offering iPod Touch Help Support to help iPod Touch customers with problems faced regarding software and hardware problems.

Few of the web sites offering iPod Touch Help Support to millions of the iPod Touch customers are:
+ Official iPod Touch Help and Support
+ Official iPod Touch Discussion to get Help and Support
+ Another good source to get iPod Touch Help

The above mentioned sites offer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) as well online help to the users. FAQ’s are the generic questions with solutions that are mostly faced by most of the users. Other than that, every user can just log onto these web sites and quote any of the software or hardware problems faced and as soon as the problem is posted, web sites try to resolve the problem by answering the query. Few of the FAQ’s provided for iPod Touch Help Support are the way iPod Touch is connected to a computer or a laptop, synchronizing iPod Touch with iTunes, and using 3rd party applications with iPod Touch etc. For all the iPod Touch users, they just need to visit the above mentioned web sites and in case of any problem, can get their problems rectified or resolved using the iPod Touch Help Support.

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  1. Help please!!
    My iPod says it is disabled and the the passcode lock won’t appear. I have tried turning it on and off and reseting it but it doesn’t work. When I plug it into itunes it says I need to unlock the IPod. I don’t know what to do!?!?!?

  2. I purchased an Ipod touch 3 8g today from a friend. When i go to delete some of the music in my iTunes i cannot, also i cannot edit the info of songs. I have already changed the Apple ID associated with the Ipod by going under setting>store. I also ask the friend the password to the ID of the current Apple ID on it, and when i put it in i could listen to the music on my iTunes, but not edit or delete it. Is there any way to fix this? there is more music that i want, then don’t want, so i would really prefer not restoring it! Any Help is Appreciated!!!!!!!!

  3. I have the same problem of France, does anybody know why some videos have an image and others don’t ? Is it something that can be fixed in itunes ?

  4. Hi I have the new iPod with the camera i am having a lot of trouble with it every time i download an app says waiting… and were the app would usually be it has a grey screen i have tried lots and lots of things such as plugging it into iTunes. It will still not work and i can not download new apps i need a response asap thank you 4 your help!

  5. I have an ipod touch 3rd gen 8g and i forgot the password and tried multiple times to get into it. This last time I tried it went into recovery mode and i cant get it out. I have done what I was told to get it out of recovery mode and it wouldnt work. I have restarted it too. Also, when I plug it into itunes it says something is wrong with it and it wont let me sync or restore. I REALLY want to get this fixed because I only bought it last summer and its my life so PLEASE help!

  6. But the problem with mine it froze two nights ago so i just left it to unfreeze because it does that whenever i use netflix. And the next morning i was going to get rid of netflix because if it was going to freeze my ipod why bother have it? and it came up with the battery thing saying it was completly dead. so i plugged it in to my wall and went to school….when i got home it still said it was dead but i noticed that the ipod logo will come on but then it would disapear and go back to the battery screen. it would do that like every 5 mins…..so here i am on the 3rd day and ITS STILL DOING THE SAME THING! My ipod is my life i constantly have it listening to music….Im very tempted to chuck it at the walll! I tried everyhting people have said to do and nothing works….Im worried if i go to apple they will charge me… and im 15 i dont have a lot of money….and i dont believe i have the warrenty because i had it for 2 years i think….PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I have an Ipod Touch 3rd gen and if I transfer some videos on to it and I go look at the list of videos available on my touch, some of them have an image and some of them are left blank, if you select either one, the video plays fine, however when I look at my list of videos I would like to see the preview image on all of them not just some. How can I fix this? I have version 4.2.1 Thank You 🙂

  8. Hi.
    I have an Itouch 8GB.
    Monday I spilt mt. dew on it . the screen doesn’t move but yet the lighting still shows fine. What’s wrong with it? I don’t wanna repair or buy a new one. It cost WAY to much. Any ways I can fix it myself?

  9. HELP PLEASE!!!! Just purchased my son an IPod 4 8g for Christmas and I’m already frustrated cause we are unable to connect the wifi. We had no problem connecting to other wifi, but we can not connect at our own home. The internet shows and is available but it will not connect. His friend and my daughters friend have no problem connecting their IPod touch 3 and 4 at our house

    1. HELP PLEASE!!!! Just purchased my son an IPod 4 8g for Christmas and I’m already frustrated cause we are unable to connect the wifi. We had no problem connecting to other wifi, but we can not connect at our own home. The internet shows and is available but it will not connect. His friend and my daughters friend have no problem connecting their IPod touch 3 and 4 at our house

      1. #wendy lutz

        DO you use private network or not?
        Please try this steps:
        Click Settings->Wi-Fi then find your network on the “Choose a Network…” list and hit the little blue circle on the right side. On the page that appears, choose “Forget this Network.” After this has been done, reconnect to your Wi-Fi network.

        if you use private home wifi network, you need to add it manually, try this one:
        got to Settings > Then Wi-Fi >Choose on Other > enter your private Wi-Fi network name. If password is require then put in the username and password. > Done

        Another step is to reset your WiFi setting:
        Settings > General > Reset and select Reset Network Settings.
        This will erase all wifi network settings from your iPhone for every wifi network you have connected your iPhone with. This will require re-joining every wifi network that you have access to.

        Let me know if the tips could work for you.


  10. Hi ive just got an ipod touch 4 for my grandad
    im trying to set it up for him but nothing’s happening
    when i turned it on it said to plug it into the computer on itunes so i have and its still saying to do it and it doesnt reconise the ipod on itunes.
    i have no idea how to get this working it wont turn on. even when plugged into itunes?

  11. Hi,

    I have ipod touch 4, that went carzy. when I’m trying to connect to one of the free ten iTunes,it says “loading…” for one sec and then blank page arrived with info on top level navigation and thats it the iTunes is not show up!. it happens with every iTunes i click on…. Help please..


  12. i have a ipod touch 3g & it won’t download apps because it hasn’t updated. i have tried to update it but nothing will work. please help!


  13. Hi
    I have an Ipod touch and I can’t Sync my video I have even turned them to 4MPEG but it does not work please help

  14. Hi,
    I am confused about two things on my iPod.

    1. My friends have a background to where they see their apps, but when they show me how to do it, the option isn’t there. Can you help?

    2. One of my friends can see her apps while she’s in an app by double-tapping the home button, when I tried doing that, it just went to home, or my music appeared if I was playing it. I coundn’t find the option to put it on either. Can you help?



  15. p.s. i was holding in the power and home bottons at the same time when i was trying to take a pic….i think i held it in for to long….hope it helps :/

  16. my ipod touch’s screen has gone black….it won’t turn on at all…it isnt dead or anything it just won’t turn on!…please help…get it to work again :'(

  17. My ipod is a refurb and when i plug it in it will show me the apple icon and that is it… i cant get it to do anything else… the computer doesnt even recognize it… ive tried resetting it but it doesnt work…
    any help wld be appreciated

  18. Hi!
    I have an iPod touch 2g, everything was perfect syncing my ipod with my older laptop, but then I bought a new laptop and started syncing my ipod with the new laptop and had no problems, but then one day I was using all the usb ports my laptop has and decided to plug my ipod to the eSata port. The first time I synced my ipod I just added a couple of songs, and when I unplugged the ipod and checked if I had the new songs, and all of the information I had in my iPod was gone, it was like brand new. So I tried it again, now, syncing all my data again, and nothing, empty again, but I could use it, turn it off and on, no problem, and everything worked fine. The third time I tried, synced it and then unplugged the iPod, it had the iTunes and usb cable screen, so when I plugged it back in the laptop it said that an iPod touch in recovery mode was detected. I tried to restore my ipod a couple of times, and then the iTunes and usb cable screen disappeared. Now I have a black screen, I can’t turn it on, and everytime I plugged it to the computer it says there’s an iPod touch in recovery mode, and everytime I try to restore it I get errors, and they are different kind of errors. So that’s when I realized that probably the eSata port did this to my iPod. So I started using only usb ports, in different computers, windows, mac, everything, but I can’t make it work again.
    I would appreciate some help.

  19. ive had my ipod touch 32gig for about two and a half months. i was listening to it at school then had to drive home. so i took out the headphones and put it on standby. now, half an hour later, it is completely unresponsive. ive tried everything. neither button works, and when i plug it into a power source it wont even work. please someone help me.

  20. My computer I have my iTunes on has temporarily crashed. I have been using my wifi to download straight to my 3rd gen 32g iPod Touch for now. I just plugged my iPod into my daughter’s computer and cancelled the sync immediately but thought it would be ok to update the software since our iPods are exactly the same. Now, my iPod won’t turn on!! What have I done? And without my original computer with my old iTunes backed up on it, how can I possibly fix this??

  21. i need to now how to reset my code on my ipod my for got it please help me just got it like 5 month ago

  22. HELP!!!
    I have an itouch 2nd generation 16 gb the slide to unlock bar seems to not want to slide & unlock for me.

    Whats wrong??….I can’t live with my itouch!! 😉

  23. hello… my sons zune got stolen… i found this ipod touch in great shape,,, seemed better than the zune, even.
    i understand that he can transfer his downloaded zune music(on his laptop) onto his ipod touch… but he cant figure out how.
    please guide me , step by step?
    this seems like it should be simple.
    (i thought that possibly we might even be able to transfer his zune music from his computer to a cd, and then download the cd into his ipod ?)

  24. I was trying to buy a game and my payment was declined. I live on Guam and only have a PO Box. now i can not even download free games and i still want to buy some games. what do i need to do. it is not a credit card problem as i have contacted them.
    please help.

  25. Hi I bought a movie on Itunes and it got downloaded onto mi computer but when I sync mi ipod to the computer he movie doesnt load. wat do i do?

  26. I cannot seem to get my computer to see that my i-touch is plugged in. All it offers is a faster place to plug it in. I don’t understand. It was just working a few weeks ago. My mom’s works when hers is plugged in, but not mine. I hope you have a solution to this. I want more music. . .

    Thank you,

  27. i love the ipod touch dont get me wrong but since i got the latest update it has gone totally wierd and wont display my pics or seem to have any of the new fetures the update provied and after the update half of my apps had gone i have tried restoring it but had no luck the pics just wont display . i dont know if any others have experienced this.

    I dont know how to get it back pleeeze help

  28. I have a 32 gig ipod touch and recently i was listening to music on it and all of a sudden my screen zooms in on the music screen, the home screen, everything. I can move around on it but I don’t know how to get it back to normal size.. please help!!

  29. HELP: I have a new itouch and when i try syncing my music it says something about wifi connection – can i disable this on the itouch – very frustrating ….as i think its about to sync it cancels the sync!!

  30. Make sure the ipod is connected, then in itunes highlight the songs you want to delete, make sure they are under the ipod device icon, rt click on the songs, click delete and it will ask if you want them off your ipod, say yes, and they should be gone. hope this helps

  31. I have a cellphone contract through Vodacom. On my statement I am being changed R4.38 daily, for a iTouch subscription. I want this canceled, please could you tell me how I go about doing this.

    Mark Buttle

  32. My screen had gone completely blank on my ipod. I press the button and all it does is alternate between bright white and a dimmed white.

    And where is the reset button on this thing?

  33. help
    i have an ipod touch 8gb
    i have to many songs on my ipod that I DONT WANT

  34. hi, ive had my ipod for about a year now and i have not had one problem with it till a few days ago when a plugged it in to put new songs on my ipod touch and one song went on it and after that one song it doesnt work it keeps coming up there is an unknown error so a reset the ipod and it told me to plug it on to itunes and i done that now its still saying there is an unknown error so now there is none songs or anything on it and a cant get it to work! PLEASE HELP! what can a do please??? x

  35. My I Touch e-mail only has frozen up . All other apps are working well. Any suggestions?

  36. hi,
    my sister has an ipod touch and when i click the ‘sync’ apps button itunes freezes. Help! I have done everything to fix it. It just wont work!

  37. Hi,
    I recently got an Ipod touch and have rhapsody but can’t get them to work together. How do I do this? When I try to go on to rhapsody through the ipod touch it states that either the device is not authorized or I have the wrong password which is incorrect. Help. I have been trying to figure this out for two days now and am very frustrated.
    thank you.


  38. my ipod says go to itunes and i have but it still wont work!!!! is there anything else i can do?

  39. have an ipod touch and i went to settings>general>reset>erase all content and settings…there was an apple sign and a bar under it, the bar was complete and it went away and now the apple is the only thing on my ipod touch screen it has been like that for 2 days already

  40. I have an ipod touch and i thought by resetting it, everything would delete and i would have it to its default settings, Well when i was resetting my ipod there was a bar under the apple sign. I thought it was finished resetting because the bar was filled up and went away, and i have had just the apple sign for about 2-3 hours.

  41. Hello!
    My daughter’s ipod touch says “slide to unlock” but we can’t do anything to get it to slide. We have tried recharging the unit. Our big question is what to do next….

    Thanks for any help!

  42. on my ipod touch 2nd gen the wifi wont work when i go to settings the wifi bar is grayed out. whats wrong.

    Okay, I absolutly love my ipod touch. It is a second generation, so therfore it has speakers. But today, i was listening to it with my headphones. I had paused the song, pulled the headphones out, and put my ipod on standby. I came back to find that my speakers would not work.. but my headphones would. whenever i took my headphones out, the player would go back to looking like i had it on an ipod dock. PLEASE HELP!!

  44. i REALLY need HELP. i’ve tried everything for my ipod. i accidently unplugged my ipod while it was restoring and now all i can see on my iPod is the “connect wire to itunes” pciture. i have held down the ipod touch home and menu button then once it goes black i turn it on and it just goes back to the picture (connect wire to itunes) , it has been conencted to itunes for a while now and still hasnt come up on my iitunes . i dont know what to do, tried everything ! the picture is still on my ipod and omg, please help someone ! i really cant buy a new ipod, this is my second one, need help asap! email me at [email protected] if you can help ! thankyou <3 // .

  45. hey guys,
    i have an apple ipod touch 2nd generation with the 3.1.3 firmware. its been over a year now. somehow, yesterday, when i was listening to music and i shut it down to go to sleep, the next day morning, it was on the black screen with the white apple icon in the centre (the way it is seen when the 1st time you remove the ipod from the box).. please help.
    it was a jailbroken one….

  46. I downloaded two apps, I then walked out of connection and they haven’t loaded and its been ages. I should make it clear that I purchased them on my touch.

  47. problem with connecting to charge ipod.

    Hi,Somehow my daughter tried to push the ipod onto a docking station/speaker system, and did not quite fit. Right after that, it would not take a charge from the wall charger; we now need to bend the male end of the charge cord which goes into the Ipod, then ( don’t laugh) prop a soup can on it to add pressure so where the clip connects into the port so it charges. This rarely works, as we need to re-adjust it 1/2 a dozen times so we get it just right to take a charge. We bought it for her at Christmas from a Sam’s Club.Do I send it in since it still (hopefully) should be under warranty?
    Please help,

    Soon to be a kidless parent,

    Chris Traina

  48. I have an iPod touch 2nd generation with iPhone OS 4.0 but it doesn’t show all the songs in cover flow view. It just shows the current playing song in cover flow mode not the entire list of songs.

  49. my ipod touch’s screen has suddenly gone huge and I am unable to move it across or to do anything with it. I have tried restoring it and it erased all my data and it goes back to normal but when I restore it from the back-up it still shows everything huge. What happened to it and how do I make it go smaller again?


  50. My 8gb ipod touch was working fine at first. When I plugged it into the computer it said “Found New Hardware” Apple Mobile Device (Recovery Mode) and then when I unplugged it, the ipod had the “connect to itunes” sign. I tried restarting the computer and restarting itunes and i even tried reinstalling apple mobile device, which didn’t even reinstall. I need help 🙁

  51. hi i have a ipod touch 16gig i have downloaded i tunes and when i try to open it it says ipod application support need to run this program i am wondering why this is happening is there some program i can download or some way to fix it i reset my i pod coz i had bought it used

  52. i have recently purchased an ipod 32gb and i do not think that the battery life is as stated – i charged the battery while listening to music and had a full green band across the screen. now today when i use the ipod the bar is less than half way to the red. is this correct

  53. my ipod touch wont go to its home page.every time i turn it on i wait and then when the apple sign is gone it turns blank.

  54. as i playing my ipod touch suddenly it gone my screen and icons has become large in size some one plz help me how to restore my screen size and icons size into normal mode……..

  55. Another thing, my iPod has been jailbroken for a while, does that have anything to do with my erasing problem?

  56. I have an 8GB iPod Touch, and I am having a huge problem.
    I wanted to restore my iPod, but instead of plugging it into my computer and using iTunes to restore, I went to general settings on the iPod itself and tapped “erase all content and settings”.
    A bar at the bottom of the screen informed me that I can’t undo this and it would take about an hour, so I tapped OK and it went to a black screen with the Apple logo on it, and there was a bar below that filled up. I waited until the bar disappeared and there was a loading circle on the screen.
    I went to bed and when I woke up in the morning, the iPod was still on and the loading circle was still moving, I can’t stop it and it is still loading, does anyone know what I can do?


  57. i just get a blank screen when i go onto my music appmi have a 16 gb ipod touch.

    my best regards
    neil fisher.

  58. I have a iPod Classic and a new iTouch.
    I have been an Audible.com subscriber for 6 years now and have sync’d my books on all my iPods through the years with no problems.
    But now with my new iTouch it does not recognize or sync ANY of the Audible books. It will sync my books that are MP3’s but not the AAC. Why is it ok on the iPod Classic, but not on the iTouch?
    thank you for your wisdom on this topic.

  59. If you get the free texting app on your ipod and text from ipod to ipod but one of the ipods is in Germany is it still free texting?

  60. Hi! I have been having trouble downloading my apps on my iPod touch. If I update of get a new game, it just says waiting…. under the app. This has gone on for a few days with five of six of my apps. And when it says waiting…. It stays like that. It doesn’t even get a loading bar. None of those apps have loaded yet. Can you please help me asap? Thank you!

  61. hi was trying to down load more games said i needed to upgrade on ipod when linked up to computer it has now frozen on the picture of usb cable.

    i keep getting – 9812 error code

  62. My iPod has been jailbroken for about a few weeks and I’ve used cydia a lot. But a recent problem I’ve been haveing is that when I try to move my apps my springboard crashes, and goes into safe modes. Not much of a problem but I just got infiniboard and infinidock. I won’t to get this problem fix but if there’s nothing that can’t be fixed I will be able to take my iPod back. Plz help and thank you if you can help me!

  63. I just got an ipod touch and it was used before and everytime I try to Make a New account it says that the age does not meet the equiment How do I get a new account

  64. My son recently downloaded an upgrade for his IPod Touch and has now lost all of the songs he has purchased, how does we retrieve them ?

  65. charging my new IPod in Europe…

    Will I need a converter to charge my new IPod 8GB IPod Touch in Europe?

  66. i would like to know if you had a ipod touch and it was stolen can apple shut it down if i have the serial number it is only a month old and my son got it for his birthday a month after his dad passed away he is so heartbroken and i would rather that no one was able to use it if he cant have it and in anyway is it replaceable f through warranty even bought the extended warranty very up set buyer

  67. #Guniwan Hari: I appreciate the link but it doesn’t solve my problem.

    The apps can’t be deleted on the home screen. They jiggle but there’s no “x” to delete them by. Second, when I look at the apps tab on itunes (under the itouch device), I can select but I can’t right-click delete. There’s also no selected applications button that people say should be there.

    If anybody has any info on how to delete this kind of app please let me know ASAP. Thank you.

  68. hey i am having some problems with my ipod. when ever i connect it to my laptop itunes says i need to restore it. i will restore it but i want to keep my apps because i paid for the majority of them and i dont want to pay for them again, is there anything i can do??? please help.

  69. I bought an itouch and the people at the store downloaded some games for me. I don’t want some of these apps anymore but they can’t be deleted using touch-screen method and I don’t know how to delete them from itunes (if even possible). Any solutions?

  70. everytime when i open my ipod touch
    and i go to any program but it go back to the main home and it frozen
    when it close it open again it shows
    turnoff slide over and over help me

  71. How to download adobe flash player?

    I want to play restaurant city at my Facebook, but i don’t know how to download.. Can pls help me ty… I using I-Touch…

  72. Hi! I have purchased a few itunes songs on my ipod over the past week. The songs usually come onto the playlist “purchased on my ipod” but the past few ones just went to “purchased.” is there a way to fix that? Can i just change that on my computer? Thanks!!

  73. Can the internal speaker be turned on iPod touch 16gb?

    Is there a way to turn on the internal speaker on the 16gb itouch for that matter is there a internal speaker on that ipod.Really appreciate any advice on this matter. Thank You


  74. I Have seemed to have deleted all the apps on my ipod except for the itune app. How do i get all of them back. Please help.

  75. Hi! I have purchased a few itunes songs on my ipod over the past week. The songs usually come onto the playlist “purchased on my ipod” but the past few ones just went to “purchased.” is there a way to fix that? Can i just change that on my computer? Thanks!!

  76. my son fell over the other day at school with ipod on board and since then it just shows the itune display saying to plug in, however it does nothing except say that the ipod is not recognised when plugging it into the computer i have tried resetting it, but this does not work ideas please.

  77. well i wanted to jailbreak my ipod touch and i did. i used the blackweather jailbreak one, to jailbreak my ipod. it worked at first on my ipod, then every time i would click on the jailbreak app it would just come back to the same screen. Anyways i forgot about that and just went on doing stuff on my ipod. then when i tried to listen to a song it wouldn’t work, so i tried to restart my ipod and now it wont turn on, it will just go to the apple sign start to load and eventually freeze. what should i do, how do i fix it, or is it done for good?

  78. About a week ago my ipod touch fell into a glass of water. I took it out as soon as it did and dried it with a towel. I turnt it off, and tried to dry it with a hair dryer. I didn’t have any rice or rice or anything to to put it in…so I let it set for a few hours. I then tried to turn it on..It came on but then the screen went dark. I thought all my hope was lost. I plugged it in for awhile thinking the battery was just drained. It took a minute for it to show it was charging. The light then came on and then my screen then again went dark, but it was still on. Now everything on my ipod touch works but the brightness is very dark, and every little bit it will lock itself when I’m in the middle of doing something then it will go to where it will ask if I want to shut it off. All my apps and music and internet work perfectly fine though. Is the brightness and stuff fixable on it?

  79. lost my facebook app

    I have the 8gb Ipod Touch 2nd gen (I think). I synced it and lost my Facebook app and it says I can’t download the Facebook because I need the IPhone 3.0 od or something like that. I have photo app programs in my Ipod Touch and used to take a photo I redid and loaded them into Facebook so I could get them to my laptop. I do I transfer a photo from my Ipod Touch now that I’ve created into my laptop. Can I syn them???? And how do I get Facebook App back.

  80. Full battery, freezes, low battery. HELP!


    I have an Ipod Nano gen. 4. When I charge the Ipod, and the battery is full, it works great, but then it looses only a tiny amount of battery, and then it freezes. Then I try to restart it, so the apple logo shows. Then it wont start again, until it says it’s low battery!

    What should I do?

    Love, Jasmin.

  81. Dear Caroline,

    I am sorry to hear that. I think you no need to change your email address, just change your Email Password with completely different with the previous password in your iTouch.



  82. stolen itouch,

    Hi. While traveling to Hangzhou China, my itouch was stolen…. just the itouch, not the carging cord. I am obviously upset because I use it for so many things while living in China … podcasts, pictures, music, and checking mail. I am concerned about someone accessing my email. Do I need to change my email address? Any other advise to protect my security….


  83. Authorization by ITunes incorrect application….

    I have an IPOD Touch which I have used but not used with my computer for about 4 months. I needed to add some tunes from my library this week and went onto ITUNES to do this but it would not let me without me authorizing it?? I said yes when prompted re authorization but only when I got you now have 2 out of 5 authorizations did I start to think why when nothing has changed since I brought my product and I feel it is unfair when it has used 2 authorizations on the same PC!! please advise

  84. hi i have an ipod touch 3rd generation 8gig Mc Model and when ever i try to open the app store it keeps saying LOADING and nothing comes and same thing happens to safari when ever i try to write a web site nothing come Please Help me pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssseeeeeeeeeee
    [email protected]

  85. Since I bought my IPodtouch, I have been unable to understand how to transfer photos from my PC (the most important feature for me) I went for help to an Applestore but the young man talked so fast, I only understood a small part of his explanation.
    Can someone help me please? Looked up your manual….no help.

  86. hi,

    i live in england but i got an ipod touch on my birthday while in the USA. i downloaded some apps while there and when i got back and synced it with my home computer the apps did not transfer. is there anything i can do to get them onto my computer?



  87. We have an Ipod Touch the when turned sideways doesn’t allow the keyboard to go sideways when using the notebook and e-mail like our other Ipod touch does.

  88. Irma,

    I have the exact same problem. If you find a solution, I would love to know what it is.


  89. Hi there
    My son downloaded a CD that his girfriend bought on Itunes to my Itouch from his apple computer. Now when I try to download apps it asks for brings up her email address and asks for he password in order to access store and app store.
    When I plugged the Itouch into my pc to see if I could change it my sons emails address and password request come up.
    How do I get my Itouch back to showing my own email address and password and access my own account?

  90. When I click on envelope to see my mail I only see the very first messages when I bought this itouch last year. How can I get the current mail?

    Also when I send mail directly not using hotmail I get an error message. How can I fix this problem?

    Thank you.

  91. Cannot connect to internet at home. I have wi fi and it was fine for nearly a year. I have reset, done everything recommended on sites on the web. The message is always “unable to connect”. The last time it connected was in Las Vegas a few days before flying home.

  92. Ijust recently bought my mom and iPod touch and shes doing well setting most of it up herself. However, we are having a hard time getting into her “app store”. She says that she doesn’t remember making a password for it, but if she did, it could only be one thing, and that’s not working… we need your help!!!

  93. I bought this iPod touch from a friend because they got a iPhone. My problem is they forgot the password so I can put it in my name. What or how can I fix or reset email and password in it? I love this and am taking it on vacation to Fl. with me on Aprl 1. Please help me out. Thank you

  94. I wish to reverse an alteration I made to my ipod touch which is 64G. I am unable to scroll through the menu as I have a voice speaking and I have to tap sreen twice to move about the screen Can you please advise? Roger

  95. for some reason my ipod jumps to recovery mode when i plug in the charger. then i have to restore it. or sometimes when it sleeps it will just jump into recovery mode. its only been doing this for a few days and it never did this before.

  96. I just updated my itunes and updated my ipod touch but now my ipod is stuck on a black screen with an apple picture and a like loading bar, i cant get it to turn off or anything. please help

  97. I am attempting to connect to my email, thru wifi, the wifi works fine for apps but it will not connect to email?

  98. Hi, i most delete the photos are in my ipod touch, because somebody take a lot of photos whit it but i can´t, please show me how

  99. hi my ipod touch wont let me download apps it just says this app is not compatible with this ipod help would be apreciated

  100. Fradonna, I think your problem with the volume could be from another app you may have ran, an turned it down and for your iPod remembers that volume level as you maximum.. I know if I use sleep maker with my iPhone, and I touch the volume bar in the app and close the app it seems my speaker wasn’t as loud and i went back to the app and turned it back up and it worked.. Try that..

  101. Hey rump I think you can put your device into dfu mode, search how on this site or google.. From there plug it back into your pc, and iTunes should make you restore it.. That should remove the error.. Not a 100% sure it’ll work but it make sense

  102. Hi,

    My iPod Touch won’t synch anymore (it’s brand new) and it tells me I have to Restore but when I attempt to download the program to allow me to restore it an error message appears and tells me the operation timed out. I’ve tried this at least 10 times to no avail.

    So now I have an iPod that won’t sync or restore!

    Can anyone help?? Or should I just bring it back??

  103. The volume control on my iPod Touch 32 has never seemed to work right. It only seems to work with the earphones. When I can listen to it (which is rare)through the speaker as soon as I use the earphones then I can no longer use the iPod without the earphones. Can you please tell me what to do about this? I bought the same model iPod for my grandson and he does not have this problem. Thank you.

  104. My iTouch is relatively new & for some strange reason the speaker part of my iTouch won’t turn off.. Even if the earphones are plugged in. Help plz

  105. hello my i just got my ipod today and it doesn’t load the apps it just goes back to the start also i have tried restarting it and resetting that didn’t work what should i do ?

  106. Ipod touch can’t connect to wifi….

    My new Ipod touch which I got for Christmas has stopped being able to connect to our WIFI. Even when I have plugged it into the computer. It doesn’t recognise my password. What do I need to do?

  107. please can you help i have an ipod and loaded down some free games and some i payed for they all worked fine
    i then charged it up on my laptop and now most of them do not work
    i did the same thing again at my friend they come back
    whent home charged up on my laptop and lost most of them plus more
    my laptop has a 3key i am not wi-fi
    would this mak a difference
    please help me thanks

  108. Resetting iPod Touch

    My question is I am trying to reset my apps for the phone – I get another screen – where it says -erase iphone should I go ahead and do it and then place my phone in my computer?

  109. My daughter’s I touch has a black screen. The alarm goes off, so we know it is on, but the screen is black and she can not use it at all. Any suggestions?

  110. Hi all hope you can help.My son wanted his itouch jailbreaking and like the good father I said I would do it for him.All was going well until it asked you to hold the power and start buttons to re-boot it.Nothing,absolutely dead -and since then everytime I try it in any usb port it says USB Device not recognized.It is a 2g running software 2.2.1

  111. please i got a problem with my ipod touch, when i play music and a song ends it return to the home screen like as i push stop and the home button, please help

  112. Recently I was using my iPod touch and the Safari button froze and it won’t let me do anything. It’s been several days and I don’t know how to make it work again. I don’t think it’s the internet because I can still go to my email. Can you please tell me what to do?

  113. The IPOD Touch will not connect to I-Tunes. It has a picture of a USB cable and a CD Disk with a musical note superimposed over the disk. What can I do to get it working again?

  114. When I sync my iPod Touch with my Groupwise calendar, all my recurring appointments appear everyday on my iPod. How can I fix this?

  115. I let my baby moms setup my itouch using her email account how can I change it to my email account? She’s not gonna help me at all on this one but I do have her social security number name. Age and birthday! Would that help me out in any way?

  116. i reset my ipod touch n it told me to wait 2hrs n after it was done it went to the apple n the loading button was showing but then it freezes what should i do ?!?

  117. I need some help with what I might be doing wrong to get my ipod touch started.
    I understand that I need to go online to register for the most recent itunes. I have done that but it keeps telling me that I haven’t fully completed the application yet. It just has a window now that says, All your music, All in one place. I have then placed my ipod touch to charge. I did that all day, it won’t turn on for me only to show that its charging thats it..
    Where am I going wrong?
    Please help.

  118. Hi, i just got my ipod touch on christmas… and i want to know what need to know about ipod touch
    i do not know how to put apps for free on ipod, or free song on ipod….
    also i dont get this whole jailbreak thing please i need all the help i can get, i search these up and then i follow the direction and install in the end it didnt work… i install so much that even my laptop is starting to slow down…
    so please help me…contact me as sson as you can and hopefully it will help how to add songs, video, apps, and pictures…
    thank you

  119. @phi

    might be your ipod touch antivirus program blocked Apple Mobile Device. Some people got this same problem happened to them because of McAfee antivirus blocked the apple device. So please check your Firewall settings.

    Another Way to try:
    1. Right click “My Computer”
    2. Left click “Manage”
    3. Double click “Services and Applications”
    4. Double click “Services”
    5. Locate and Double click “Apple Mobile Device”
    6. Change Startup type from “disabled” to “automatic”
    7. Click apply, then OK
    8. Click “Start” the service
    9. Locate and Double click “iPod Service”
    10. Change Startup type from “disabled” to “automatic”
    11. Click apply, then OK
    12. Click “Start” the service
    Then Reboot. It should be work again.

    See the official help here.

  120. hi,

    whenever i plug my ipod touch into itunes, this message pops up:

    “This iPod cannot be used because the Apple Mobile Device service is not started.”

    im trying to sync the songs i bought on my ipod onto my computer, but this popup comes up.

    help please….. thanks

  121. when i touch the icon to view my mail as soon as it comes up, it goes right back to the home screen, everytime. It has never done this before and I am very frustrated.

  122. @ Stephanie, if the app ask that, then you need to upgrade your ipod touch firmware to version 3.0.

  123. When I try to download apps it says I have to have like a 3.0 or some number sowftare update how do I do that? Because it’s not letting me get the apps I want.

  124. hi i have had this problem for ages could you help please. my ipod touch wont charge or turn on. i let it go completely flat and the last time i used a charging dock it got hot and made a burning smell. since then it hasn’t worked. can you help

  125. Please help, I got a ipod touch for Christmas, I have put songs on and pictures on, but my apps wont work?!? I have gotten some free iphone apps, my screen says sync completed, it added a ‘backgrounds’ icon so I know that it worked but every time I hit apps on my ipod it says Cannot Connect to the App Store connect to Wi-Fi network????? I don’t have wi-fi in my area and my ipod is connected to my computer which is connected to DSL, even so it shouldn’t have to be connected for the apps to work, right? I have disconnected it, deleted apps and I’m not sure what else to do. Thank You!

  126. hi,

    whenever i plug my ipod touch into itunes, this message pops up:

    “This iPod cannot be used because the Apple Mobile Device service is not started.”

    im trying to sync the songs i bought on my ipod onto my computer, but this popup comes up.

    help please….. thanks

  127. @Alex

    I am sorry to hear that Alex.

    Please read the instructions below to Redownload Purchased apps from iTunes:

    To redownload the app to your computer:

    1. Make sure you are signed in with the same account used for the original purchase.

    2. Locate the app in the App Store and click the BUY APP button.

    3. Click the Buy button.

    4. Click OK to continue with the download.

    To redownload the app to your iPhone or iPod touch using iPhone OS 3.0 or later:

    1. Make sure you are signed in with the same account used for the original purchase.

    2. Locate the app in the App Store and tap Buy App.

    3. Tap OK to continue with the download.

    Source: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2519

    Check another help here:How to resume interrupted iTunes Store downloads

    Or you could email their support here.

    Hope it could help you Alex

  128. I tried downloading modern combat sandstorm and whil it was loading it said cannot download this app and erased it and didn’t give me my money back

  129. I got my iPod touch for Christmas and none of the apps are working except the ones that came down-loaded with my iPod. I synced it and restored it but none of the downloaded apps work.

  130. my iPod touch is screwed up,

    it’s been three weeks since i had my ipod touch, and today we decided to play tap tap and the screen went huge and we can’t put it back to normal even if we try to restart it! what can we do to fix it? write back!

  131. My ipod touch keeps playing album tracks in random order. I just want to listen to an album all the way through in the right order. Can you help?

  132. I am having the same problem as Erika and Susie. My I pod I touch is frozen with the screen showing the itunes icon and he usb plug. I have tried several times to shut it down and restart it and still no luck, this is annoying and i spent a lot of money on this,all i want is for it to work. plz help…..

  133. “cannot connect to youtube” shows up but can connect to everything else internet wise. Other ipod touch works fine….. HELP!!!! it is brand new – will return it soon if we can not fix the issue…

  134. Hi,

    my daughter has a new 8GB iPod touch and I put lots of audio books on it. When she listens to the stories the chapter gets all mixed up even though they are in order.

    If I play the same books on my own old iPod 32GB ( th flat big silver one with little video screen) they play in order one after the other without me having to start each new chapter which is as well what my daughter has to do. Each chapter ( sometimes they are only 45 sec. long) needs to be started all over-apart from jumping from chapetr one to chapter 27….really a pain for a 6 year old who wants to fall asleep listening to bed time stories!

    Can you help?
    kind regards, Friederike

  135. If iPhone doesn’t appear in iTunes or you can’t sync iPhone:

    1. The iPhone battery might need to be recharged. For information about charging iPhone, see “Charging the Battery” in the iPhone User’s Guide.
    2. If that doesn’t work, disconnect other USB devices from your computer and connect iPhone to a different USB 2.0 port on your computer (not on your keyboard).
    3. If that doesn’t work, turn iPhone off and turn it on again. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button on top of iPhone for a few seconds until a red slider appears, and then slide the slider. Then press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears.

    Note: If you enter the SIM PIN incorrectly three times, you may need to contact your carrier for a Personal Unlocking Key (PUK) to enable your SIM card again.
    4. If that doesn’t work, restart your computer and reconnect iPhone to your computer.
    5. If that doesn’t work, download and install (or reinstall) the latest version of iTunes.

  136. Downloaded new Itunes, seems like everything is on the screen but when i go to Itunes page on the left it doesn’t show Ipod Touch, so dont know what i have to do next. I don’t have to make an account with Itunes store do I? What if i don’t want to buy anything, cant i just put the music and videos that i have already saved on my computer?

  137. Hope you can help.
    My wife and I each have a new i-pod touch. We have one laptop, can we run i-tunes applications for each i-pod off one laptop?
    Each time we connect one i-pod to the laptop – it downloads the apps and music from the other i-pod, if you see what I mean?
    Please can you advise – sorry for being thick!


  138. Hi Jessica, I think iPod Touch have max 10 to 12 Application pages. So might be you need to delete some apps.

  139. i have over 550 apps on my 3rd generation iTouch that i got yesterday. i downloaded all the apps on to my computer off of the App store. they show up onmy computer but not all on my itouch. when i search on the itouch they show up but not when i drag to see the apps. is the maximum 10 pages or something?

  140. Hi I live in Spain. I want to use the IPOD touch store but everything is in Spanish. Is it possible to change the language so I can download applications in English

  141. To Elaine:

    have you tried to reset your ipod Touch? Try to hold the Home button and wake button until your ipod touch in restore mode, then restore it.

    Another way, please try this:
    Connect your iPod touch with your computer (with latest itunes 9 installed), goto MY Computer > iPod Drive > iPod_control> Click Device folder > Change from_locked to _unlocked

    let me know if this could work for you.

  142. I’ve tried to download itunes from my account which isn’t a problem. Only a few songs will play. My entire library has downloaded to my itouch. However nothing will play.

    I’ve been in contact with your company, and I’ve removed my library and re-installed; still the same thing, library has down loaded. But nothing is playing. Need some help……

  143. Help !! My ipod touch won’t recognize my password. I’ve tried several times and now the ipod won’t let me put in the password.

  144. I’ve had my ipod touch since august and it was working fine until my dog got a little excited and had an accident on it. since then it has been shutting off in the middle of songs or freezing up pretty frequently. I don’t have insurance on my ipod so i don’t know if i can get a new one. is there a way to get this fixed or is a new ipod in my future?

  145. I recently got the 32gb itouch everything works perfectly but I can’t get it to charge right. I have to plug it in, unplug it then plug it in again and that only works sometimes. Whenever I am playing a game or surfing the internet the battery gets drained so fast. Is that normal?? How do I get it to charge on the first try?

    This is getting extremely frustrating!

  146. ok so i just got a 32GB ipod touch and i got all my songs and everything on it but when i downloaded my apps and got them on my ipod it wontlet me into the apps that i bought! its frustrating because it goes into it for about three seconds then it goes back to the home screen!! why wont the apps work!!

    Tasia: if you want your app back you can go into itunes and put it back on as long as you bought and put it on the computer.

  147. Gave my daughter an ipod touch for christmas she put a password on it and cannot remember it. Is there any way that we can override this password.

  148. Jacob,

    Try these Steps:

    1. Plug In your iPod Touch into your computer which already installed with latest iTunes 9.2 using USB cable.
    2. Click on the iPod as connected drive at the left side.
    3. Find the button called “Restore”
    4. Your iPod Touch should be restored to its Factory setting after that.
    5. After it reverted back to the apple Factory setting, you could choose “Sync” to load all Music and videos from iTunes Library.

    Hope it could help you buddy 🙂

  149. I recently purchased a used iPod touch, which was Jailbroken. I attempted to start fresh with this iPod by selecting the reset option in the settings menu, hoping to wipe it clean and copy all of my info from my existing iPod on to the new one for my wife.
    I left it plugged in to my computer, reset the iPod, and left for a few hours. When I came home, the screen was showing the jailbroken iPod’s boot screen, an eye with an apple for a pupil. The iPod was completely unresponsive, and seemed to try and load at random times, showing the loading indicator appearing in the centre of the pupil from time to time. The only way to turn it off was to drain the battery, and upon plugging it back in, the iPod resumed the unresponsive behaviour. How do I solve this and restore the iPod to regular Apple software?

  150. i dropped my itouch in some water and it was in there for about 10 seconds. When i got it out i dried it off and shook water out of it. It worked fine. About 30 minutes later it gave me the “connect to itunes” sign with the itunes icon and the USB cable. I was in the car at the time so i couldn’t connect it to anything. I got home about 4 hours later and immediatly tried hooking it up to the computer and the charger with no response from either. I did put it in rice like most help websites suggest but i think that it is too late to help it any! is it fixable? What should i do?
    i just got this itouch, it is brand new! PLEASE HELP!!!

  151. Brittany, have you tried to restore the iPod Touch to its Apple Factory Default Setting?

  152. Dear Savannah,

    First You need create one iTunes Account and Install the Latest iTunes 9.2 software to your PC. then browse many Free iPod Touch App and Games inside the iTunes Store. Follow the steps here.

  153. Hello. My name is Savannah. I have a HP mini Verizon laptop, and i’m trying to download 100% no money FREE games for it. I want to download Hotel Dash and some itunes but for no money once so ever. Haha!;-] But, i want to figure out how download free games to my computer, to my ipodtouch 32GB. Thanks!! E-mail me as soon as possible. (asap). Thank you! Have a wonderful day. -Savannah T.

  154. my i pod randomly is showing a cord on the screen and its saying to hook it up to i tuness so i took my cord and pluged it in and its doing the same thing….. what do i do to get it off there so i can actually do stuff on it??

  155. I’ve had my iPod Touch less than a week and my apps won’t load anymore. For the first few days everything was fine except for my ipod not showing up on itunes, and now my apps will act like they’re about to load and then immediately go back to the main screen. I’ve tried resetting it and downloading new apps and NOTHING WORKS!!! 🙁
    If anyone can help me I’d greatly appreciate it!! 🙂

  156. Follow the steps below to Sync iPod Touch/iphone

    Setting Up Syncing

    You use iTunes on your computer to set up which items are synced. Make sure you have the most recent version of iTunes (On a PC, open iTunes and choose Help > Check for Updates. On a Mac, open iTunes and choose iTunes > Check for Updates.)
    Step 1: Connect iPhone or iPod touch

    1. Connect iPhone or iPod touch to your computer using the included cable. You can connect the cable from your computer directly to iPhone or iPod touch, or connect the cable from your computer to the Apple Universal Dock (available separately) and put iPhone or iPod touch in the dock. By default, iTunes opens automatically.
    2. Select iPhone or iPod touch in iTunes under Devices on the left hand side and click the Info tab.

    Step 2: Set Up Which Items Are Synced

    Click the respective tabs in iTunes to specify which media and information you want synced from your computer to iPhone or iPod touch.

    For more information about syncing iPhone with your computer see the iPhone User’s Guide:

    On your computer: Click here to see a version of the User Guide content in your web browser. Click here to download and view a PDF of the iPhone User Guide.

    On iPhone: Tap Safari and view http://help.apple.com/iphone/guide/.

    For more information about syncing iPod touch with your computer:

    On your computer, click here to download and view a PDF of the iPod touch User Guide.

    On iPod touch: Tap Safari and view http://help.apple.com/ipodtouch/guide/.

    Step 3: Sync iPhone or iPod touch

    Click Apply in the lower-right corner of the screen. Your computer syncs with iPhone or iPod touch according to your settings.

    The first time you sync iPhone or iPod touch, you are asked if you want to merge data, replace data on the service, or replace the data on your computer. After that, anytime you connect iPhone or iPod touch to your computer, iTunes opens and syncs with iPhone or iPod touch according to your settings.

    You can adjust sync settings anytime iPhone or iPod touch is connected to your computer. You can only connect and sync with one iPhone or iPod touch at the same time. If you need to sync more than one iPhone or iPod touch, disconnect one before connecting the other.

    Note: Syncing won’t delete any contact in Yahoo! Address Book that contains a Messenger ID, even if you’ve deleted the contact from your address book on iPhone or your computer. To delete a contact containing a Messenger ID, log in to your Yahoo! account online and delete the contact using Yahoo! Address Book.

  157. #Jonathan.
    You need to download latest iTunes 9.2 to your computer.
    Then create an account in iTunes Store to start to get an app. You could follow the Steps Here to get one iTunes/apple account.
    Then you could search the iPhone Game app you want using iTunes Store Search box.

    Hope it could help.

  158. I have the first generation iPod touch and my aunt has the second she has this app that can download free games its called ipp or something I was wondering if you could let me know if I can get that app on my first generation iPod and tell me how to get it please help

  159. I just have a quick question.
    I dont have internet on my ipod touch 3rd generation, because i use the wireless on my laptop(its complicated) and i plugged in my ipod touch to my computer you know to charge it and i went to my itunes and played with it, and it said i could sync apps from my computer to my ipod touch, but i cant find anywhere that will let it download to my computer legally, and i just want to know if i’m wasting my time if it wont even work like that. but that wat my itunes says! please write back soon thank you so much 🙂

  160. I just got an iPod touch for Christmas and am having the same problem that a lot of other people are having. I spent $25 on all kinds of apps and played them for a day and had a great time with my new toy. Now a day later when I go to open my apps they open for a second and close right away.

    I have tried deleting some of my favorite apps and reinstalling them – That didnt work. I also tried rebooting with no success as well. Can anyone help me get into my apps? Pleease

  161. Hey, well i bought atleast 40 dollars in apps for my ipod touch that i got for x – mas now after i put the apps on i went to put music on it then i got an error about my apps now they open for a sec then back to home please help me !!!!!

  162. help me pls i have same problems with everyone
    I got Ipod touch 8gb from Christmas
    I download facebook and textfree
    i try to open the apps but it immediately close and back to screen menu
    What should i do I ask saleperson from Walmart but he don’t know
    why & how do i fix it i’m so upset right now

  163. I have a disabled ipod touch due to a change in password and then entered incorrectly too many times even after the 1 hour lock out. It comes up as saying ipod disabled connect to itunes, when I do that it won’t pick the itouch up and itunes says to disable password…??? Can you please help me get this thing unlocked, thank you kindly:)

  164. I’m having trouble getting my iTouch connected to my WiFi. Everything else in the house is connecting okay (two laptops and another iTouch, and some gaming systems). I was able to get connectivity at my workplace. My son checked the settings and said the numbers are all okay; we just can’t figure out why I can’t connect to the WiFi at home. Any advice/help you can give would be great.

  165. I purchased Doom and Wofenstein from the itunes store and they loaded onto my ipod. I’d also like to be able to play them on my pc. How can I do it?

  166. I try to open my apps on mt Ipod touch and it exits right away. i have deleated the app then re down loaded it but it doesnt matter how many times i delete them download it still will not let me access the application

  167. My itouch works perfectly fine for everything but music. When I play a song it’s all good until the end, it plays the first second of the next song but doesn’t switch to it’s cover art, and then it goes back to the home screen. It will even freeze when I’m skipping songs and go to the home screen. All I’ve tried so far is rebooting my itouch, I’m going to try letting it die soon, then try syncing it to my comp. It also freezes iTunes almost every time I plug it in, and is then undetectable until i reboot my computer. Any advice would be much appreciated I’d rather not have to wipe it or send it back.

  168. Does anyone know , if you can use a store credit on i-tunes towards paying for a application on the i-pod touch ? Because im trying to buy tap tap on my i-pod touch and i have a 50 dollar store credit on i-tunes . How do i get the i-pod to reconize i dont pay by billing i use store credits ?

  169. Ok i have the same problem as some of the others above i got an ipod touch for x-mas and i downloaded some free apps……. but when i went to click on them and they imeadiately closed themselves! please respond to this if u can help

  170. when i download ipod games for my ipod touch some of them dont work
    can sum1 tell me why this happens??

  171. Ok, So I have an 8gb 3rd generation iPod touch, It will work everything is fine, except for the apps and the music, They wont play, I will press on an app and it will act like its going to load and then it just goes back to the main screen. Ive tried restoring it and Ive tried resetting it (like it said to do on the apple website) and neither of these things have worked! I only had the iPod for about a week before it started doing this… Does anyone know how to make it work again?

  172. My ipod says that it is not in sync with the computer after my grandma deleted all the song from the computer!!! 🙁 I need help!!!! How do i put the songs that i bought from my ipod onto the computer without deleting anything else???? I can’t figure it out. I’ve already lost some apps……

    HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  173. I need a smart person. I changed the code on my iPod touch and dont remember it. how do i regain that code? is there any way?

    🙂 thanks much!

  174. HELP PLEAAAAAASE! Im connected to my wireless but everytime I try and connect to my internet it says that safaria stopped the progress and stuff HELP ? 🙁

  175. when I click on my app store on my ipod and try and download a free game it says “sign in required” tap to continue and sign in to view billing information” what am I supposed to do?

  176. I’m actually so annoyed at my ipod touch. Since I bought it I’ve had nothing but trouble. I will be listening to music and then the volume control will jst not work. I turn it up or down, and it just pings back up to how it was. If I turn it right down, as soon as I take my finger off it will just go up to full volume. I turn my ipod off and it fixes it for a while and then it happens again a bit later. Now I’ve started having a new problem. I have updates in the app store so I download them. It downloads, installs and its fine. I click back on app store and the update is still there like I never downloaded it. O.K this is wierd I thought, so I download it again. I go back on app store and it’s still there. It might just be the app, so i delete it. Then a couple of days later theres an update for a different app. Same thing happens. Now i’m annoyed. Its done it for a week now. I went on itunes on my PC to download the updates and they just stay there. Its so annoying and theres no explanation to it. What can i do.

  177. I have a problem……i need to know how to create a folder in “Photos” folder of my itouch without using itunes and how do i copy pictures from one folder to another?


  178. Hey. I need some serious help. I got an Ipod touch 3G as a B-day present like a week ago. I knew that I was getting a touch for my B-day, so I downloaded some free apps but I made sure from the Reviews they had no trouble with the open closing problem. So, when I got the touch, I downloaded the apps and had a blast…for ONE DAY! JUST ONE! Then they stopped working. I went to all kinds of websites, they said to restart it or restore it. I tried both of those things! My apps and my music stay, but my apps won’t work!


    E-mail is: [email protected]


  179. I see that some people had problems with applications working for one day and then not being able to open them. I have the same problem, except now, even when I download a new application it doesn’t open. This is a very frustrating problem.

  180. i just got an ipod touch on saturday. i got about 216 songs and 22 apps. I listened to it on monday morning before i went to school. But when i came back i clicked on the music button and it said no content. then when i tried to click on an app it shows up for a couple of seconds and then it goes back to the home screen. can someone please tell me what is wrong with it?? thanx 🙂

  181. Okay so I just got an ipod touch and when I connect it to my computer it shows the pic of the white usb cord,the blue arrow, and itunes symbol. It makes the noise saying it is connected but it never comes up on my itunes. This box with like four choices do, and each one I have opened has to do with camera pics or It will not load on my computer. It says to download the newest version of itunes and I have tried that and there is an error and it won’t install it says or do it manually what does that mean?! Please help! And thank you.

  182. When I try to put my iPod Touch into landscape mode in Safari it dosn’t work. When I play games on my iPod Touch like Tap Tap Revenge when I have to shake it, it dosn’t work. 🙁

  183. Having the exact same problem as Erika. My itough is frozen-with the screen showing the itunes icon and the usb plug. itunes is asking for a passcode but i cant put my passocde in since the itouch is frozen. I tried holding the home and power button for 30 seconds as directed by ipod touch app – no luck! help pleassse i just want this to work already…it’s been like this for months now.

  184. Dear Erica, please try to use this most popular method to fix broken or freezing ipod touch: please try to hold the power button and home button for about 30seconds while connected to your computer to reboot the ipod touch/iphone. hope it could help your problems.

  185. i dont know how or what happened but my itouch just wont work. i have turned it on and off and also charged it. when i press the home button it shows a picture of the itunes symbol with the cd and music note thing and the plug thing (like the plug that you plug into your computer). so i saw that and i plugged my ipod into my computer and my itunes popped up and it said “itunes could not connect to your ipod touch because it is locked with a passcode. you must enter your passcode on your ipod before it can be used with itunes.” but the problem is that i cant enter my passcode because of the picture thing. any ideas on why thats happening?

  186. I can send a message to my boyfriend who is using a cricket phone but i will not recive the message at all

  187. # MS Giant, Just skip or cancel that Billing step when you want to get the Free Apps. thanks

  188. when I click on my app store on my ipod and try and download a free game it says “sign in required” tap to continue and sign in to view billing information” what am I supposed to do?

  189. I’ve download apps to my itouch, and they worked for the first day i had my itouch. But now i can’t get into them.. Help?

  190. I just got my itouch about a week a go and when I dowload a app it will work fir a day and then stop working. The app will open and then close amediatly. Also safari google will not work the page will just go white and the same with google images on safari I cam acess the regular google but not the linked one. . .

    Please help,

  191. #Joshua

    You could try to reinstall the ipod touch applications like you first time get it on your ipod touch. Just follow the steps, then Sign in, and just cancel when you asking for Billing requirement.

    Hope this help

  192. hi i have had my itouch 2nd gen for about 5 months now, its worked fine until a couple days ago, i deleted an app “text free unlimited”, when i went to re-install it the message popped up saying “you have previously purchased this app therefore it is free, press ok to re-install it for free,” i click ok and it then opens another message box saying “Sign in required, Tap Continue and sign in to view billing information.” then tha download cancels, what does this mean? what is it asking me to sign in to?? anybody please help!!!! it will mean alot, my email is [email protected]

  193. Hey, I’m having trouble with my youtube app. After a while my bookmarked videos say they will not play. I checked and most of them I can still find on youtube.. But they just won’t play on my ipod.. Does anyone know if i can fix this? Please help!

  194. hi, my itouch wont charge it just stays at a low pecent of battery. i connected it to my computer but it doesnt even have the charging signal.. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME, WHAT SHOULD I DO??

  195. hey thanks yaar i jus tried to switch off it and den i charged it worked ………..!!
    i hav one doubt can we select few files put it in one list so dat it continuous plays i mean a play list


  197. hi ..
    my ipod touch screen wont work .. i was on the internet and all suden it wont let me do anythin .. when im tryin to press somethin it wont just work the scree colour is ok.. just when i want to do somethin i cant .. i tried to switched it off but it wont wor coz i cant slide to power off 🙁
    wat can i do ???

    pls help its urgent …

  198. I have four games: puzzlings, sally’s spa, smack it and world of tunes. I have dowloaded them and they are on my app list on itunes but every time i sync, the dont get onto my iop touch, what do I do now?

  199. when i click on my app store on my ipod and try and download a free game it says “sign in required” tap to continue and sign in to veiw billing information” what does this meann?!?!

  200. my ipod touch gives me a picture of a usb cord with an arrow that points to an itunes symbol. i plug in my itouch and go to itunes, it says must type password in itouch. butt i cant get to my password because the screen stays the same no matter what i do. please help

  201. On I tunes page your supposed to have ur own pic of ur i pod on the left hand side under store. I started off with one, an after a week or so it disapears and it wont let me synch anything onto my i pod touch with out it.
    Also before i had a different i pod and it did the same thing to me, so im not sure if its itunes or the internet that keeps doing that.

  202. hey thisal.. my ipod had the same problem untill i plugged it in and started to upload songs on to it. dont know if this will help but hope it does…good luck

  203. iv just bought an ipod touch and when i try and connect to the internet it says ”enter password” so i do but it comes up password too short… this is the same password i use to access the wireless internet on my laptop. HELP!!!!!

  204. hey I Bought a itouch and when I plug it in nothing happens it is just a screen with a white usb cord and a picture of itunes it is locked and wont even charge i need help fast before it dies and i can never use it again please help!!!!

  205. umm. i just bought my ipod touch from my friend. i wanted to delete all of the apps and succeded
    and now it won’t do anything it has a screen with a white plug and an arrow pointing to itunes… what do i do I NEED HELPPPPPPPPPPPP.. how do i make it go back to the regular screen

  206. when i tried to urn on my ipod touch it wouldnt let me typ in my passwor and i tried to turn it off and it wont can anyone help me?????????

  207. Hi. When I switch on my ipod touch it just has the logo for itunes with a usb cable picture, and nothing else happens. It has never done this before and when I plug it in to itunes still nothing happens. Can anyone please help me it would be greatly appreciated, Many Thanks

  208. i dont know how or what happened but my itouch just wont work. i have turned it on and off and also charged it. when i press the home button it shows a picture of the itunes symbol with the cd and music note thing and the plug thing (like the plug that you plug into your computer). so i saw that and i plugged my ipod into my computer and my itunes popped up and it said “itunes could not connect to your ipod touch because it is locked with a passcode. you must enter your passcode on your ipod before it can be used with itunes.” but the problem is that i cant enter my passcode because of the picture thing. any ideas on why thats happening?

  209. My ipodtouch says “ipod is disabled and it says go to iTunes” what do i do please help me 🙂

  210. Hi, I was just wondering, how do you log out of “Mail” on your desktop (on the iPod) ???

  211. Um i got an ipod touch for christmas of 2008 and for about 2 weeks my ipod will not turn on. i have tried to plug it in to my computer and my ihome but i still wont turn on.it doesnt have a hold button(i dont think) so i know its not that. does any one know how to fix this problem? please help me

  212. when i plugged my ipod into itunes, itunes wanted to upgrade my device i did so and my pod is bricked i’vu attempted to restore it but the computer tells me it’s unable now my computer won’t even recognize it what do i do now

  213. I went to itunes store and got the free game apps. I can not figure out how to get these onto my ipod. I won this ipod touch a year ago. Is it possible it doesn’t support these kinds of apps? I have no app icon on my ipod. I thought since I had an ipod touch I could download the free apps from the store and they would just sync when I plugged in. Can anyone help? Thanks.

  214. hay when i buy app for my i pod on my i pod and i plug it in to computer and itunes copyes them and puts them into my library i unplug and then they don’t start up any more and everytime i redownload them i cant put songs on with out copying them and making them stop working please help me

  215. I bought two applications on my ipod touch. Super monkey ball and crash bandicoot but after a week of getting them they stopped working. You can press them but they won’t even turn them on. So i found support saying that i should delete them and then reinstall them but it says that a dialog box should come up saying that i had already bought it and i should reinstall it for free. That did not come up for me. Why did they stop working? How do i know i am not getting charged for them again if i buy them again?!

  216. so all my music got erased off mu itouch and i don’t know how it happened… anyone know a way to bring it back or to make it not happen again??

  217. for some reason my touch won’t go on Youtube. it keeps saying “you need to connect with itunes.” i can go on itunes, and i have a connection. i even went on Youtube using Safari and it works. is there something wrong with the app???

  218. Hi – I am a new user of ipod. How do I get my ipod to go through song after song on an album without me having to constantly hit the next button – its driving me mad! It just wont do it not even on shuffle.

  219. I have an iPod touch. I was on the internet and wanted to go back to my music. I hit the button on the front and it wouldn’t return to the home screen. Then the screen went white and I can not use it at all. Nothing is working.

  220. My ipod touch does recognize itunes but has frozen up…I can touch it when it goes dim and it will lighten up. But that is all I can do. I have plugged it in. Done nothing but restore its battery. I am thinking of restoring it. Would that help? Or would it just make matters worse for me and my ipod. Another thing would I lose all my apps? Or would it give the me the chance to restore them? I have questions and I need people to answer them…. quickly before I make the wrong move.

  221. u dont need to connect, it just tellss u that urr connected automatically.. well atleast mine does? :S

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