Apple Says No to Smuggle Truck Game

Apple is well known for issuing extremely strict guidance when it comes to what they allow in their app store and once again, Apple has said no to an app. Apple has today rejected a game for the iPhone and iPad devices that is based around the idea of a smuggle truck. The game allows the player to smuggle illegal immigrants across the borders of countries in a truck.

After Apple chose to reject the game, the company behind the game were forced to change the name in order to allow the game to consider entry to the app store. It is said that they changed the name of the game from ‘Smuggle truck’ to ‘Snuggle truck’. As well as this, they also slightly altered the nature of the game and players now have to smuggle animals into a zoo rather than immigrants across the border.

The Snuggle Truck game will feature a range of cuddly looking animals which the user will have to help escape from the zoo. Following the new concept and name of the game, the app has now been approved by Apple and is currently in the app store. The game now retails for $1.99 on the iPhone and $2.99 on the iPad. The company behind the game explained that it was designed as a satire of the hardships that are faced by people immigrating into the United States.

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