iBowl for the iPod Touch

Bowling remains one of the most popular games around the world, and it’s been so for some time. You can go bowling with a group of friends, take part in tournaments, and keep it as light or serious as you want. And, with the iBowl app for the iPod Touch, you can do all of that and improve your own game at the same time. This game is so addictive that even if you’re not a serious bowler, if you download this free app, you will be soon!

The iBowl app for the iPod Touch lets you choose from three different lanes to bowl on. So you can be even more entertained while you play and when you just need to switch it up after spending countless hours playing the game. You can even use hooks and aiming guides to help you aim towards the head pin and get that ever-sought-after strike. But, the coolest thing about this game has got to be the way you swing. With the cool accelerometer feature, just swing your arm just like you would in real bowling, and your bowling ball will roll smoothly down the lane (and hopefully not into the gutter!)

Another very cool thing about this app is that you can challenge your friends to bowl against you – so have a night out bowling when you’re not near the lanes, or keep your regular bowling night even when you’re all in different corners of the world! The app lets you challenge up to seven friends at a time and of course, like all good apps these days, it also works with Facebook so you can challenge your friends through there too and be competing in a tournament in just minutes.

Of course, the best thing about this app is not only that it’s a valuable time-waster, and that it lets you challenge friends wherever they are in the world, but also that it’s free! Download it from iTunes here.

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